Crime and Law

Depressed about Zoloft?

Pfizer, a drug-making company that manufactures many well-known and commonly used drugs such as Lyrica, Viagra, Lipitor, and Zoloft  in court over the controversy...

What Punishment Fits Tsarnaev’s Crime?

Two years ago, Boston Marathon runners and spectators endured a gruesome crime at the hands of the Chechnyan Tsarnaev brothers. Although the older brother and supposed...

Ethics in Indiana

Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed ethics bill HEA 1002 this week in response to the recent unethical behavior of Rep. Eric Turner and former State Superintendent Tony...

Going Down With The Ship

The captain going down with the ship is a trope used in literature and movies, although it does stem from reality. Captain Smith's decision...

Tragedy Strikes in Baltimore

Growing up with a police officer in my family, I have always felt a great deal of admiration and respect for the police force...

Communion of a Different Kind

Indiana's First Church of Cannabis reveals the tensions between religious practice and the federal government.

Crowdsourcing Justice

Facebook's decision not to censor a video of child abuse poses questions of censorship, activism and online justice.

Incarceration: The Guided Tour

In the age of Orange is the New Black, prison tourism stands to redefine the ethical tourist.

Black vs. White Space in McKinney, TX

The seemingly endless events of police brutality and the deaths of unarmed black people of the United States has captivated and divided our country. The...

How Suicide Became a Treatment

Belgium's struggles with the ethics of euthanasia illuminates questions about assisted suicide as medical practice.