Crime and Law

photograph of the defense's materials on table in a courtroom

Automation in the Courtroom: On Algorithms Predicting Crime

The justice system's growing reliance on artificial intelligence threatens to remove human sensibility from sentencing.
photograph of police officer with blurred civilians in the background

Justice for All?: William Kelly and Kyle Rittenhouse

Should departments really be in the business of policing their officers' off-duty behavior?
photograph of police line with riot shields

Qualified Immunity: An Unqualified Disaster?

Can the lengths the law goes to hide institutional actors from public accountability be morally justified?
photograph of armed police officer

Do Police Intentions Matter?

If the prevalence of racial bias and the demands of law enforcement makes rights violations predictable, are we not then complicit in maintaining the status quo?
photograph of "Stop Asian Hate' sign being held

More Than Words: Hate Crime Laws and the Atlanta Attack

Deploying the vocabulary of hate crime legislation might be more important than prosecuting offenders.
photograph of palm protecting candle at vigil

Sarah Everard and the Politics of Fear

The kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard represents structural violence and is not the unexplainable and unimaginable act it's been made out to be.
photograph of german shepherd next to surveillance robot dog

The Ethics of Digidog

Concerns over privacy and the use of police funds may hobble the deployment of new peacekeeping technology.
black-and-white photograph of empty jail cell

Implications of Exonerations

What might explain the difference in our intuitions regarding the death penalty and life in prison?
photograph of broken storefront window

Under Discussion: Right to Riot?

Can looting and vandalism ever be considered a justified response to oppression? Does it effectively communicate a message of resistance?
photograph of police in riot gear in Portland

Under Discussion: Law and Order as Suppression and Oppression

The "law and order" slogan is nothing more than a wish return to the status quo that is fundamentally opposed to the project of racial justice.