Crime and Law

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Surrogacy in New York

The ongoing debate in New York concerning the legality of commercial surrogacy touches on a number of philosophical issues from commodification to paternalism.
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Are Loot Boxes “Quite Ethical”?

Recent rulings have called the loot box mechanics used in franchises like FIFA and Star Wars Battlefront "gambling for children." What's the danger?
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La Liga, EULAs, and Privacy in Public Spaces

La Liga's recent use of its mobile app as a tool for spying offers another interesting chapter in the piracy versus privacy debate.
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Separating the Freedom of Religion from the Right to Discriminate

The basic legal and moral right to the free practice, observance, and teaching of one's religious beliefs is often conflated with the privilege to hold others accountable to one's own particular religious convictions and creeds. How should we distinguish the two?
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Pastor Fritts, the First Amendment, and Public and Private Reason

Free and open debate is often lauded, but much is also written of the limits. In what ways does one's position change the character of particular speech acts?
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The Decriminalization of Prostitution and the Commodification of Sex

Several states' recent legal push to decriminalize sex work asks us to reevaluate the way we weigh competing concerns about individual autonomy, the nature of exploitation, and the commodification of goods and services.
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Collective Responsibility and the MMIWG Report

The recent report concerning Canada's Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls has a lot to say about the legacy of colonialism.
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Press Freedom in Australia: Democracy, Transparency, and Trust

Recent government raids on news organizations in Australia prompt discussion of the boundaries of categories like the public interest and national security threats.
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Inconsistency in Animal Abuse

Many express outrage at news stories involving the poor care of pets, but the implications of our indignation often go unnoticed.
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Game of Thrones: Dragons, Despots, and Just War

The TV show addresses a host of philosophical issues from the principle of proportionality to jus post bellum and realpolitik.