Crime and Law

Should You Watch Samuel Dubose Die?

The graphic video of Samuel Dubose's killing by a Cincinatti policeman raises questions of how audiences should react to death.

Going Down With The Ship

The captain going down with the ship is a trope used in literature and movies, although it does stem from reality. Captain Smith's decision...

Ethics in Indiana

Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed ethics bill HEA 1002 this week in response to the recent unethical behavior of Rep. Eric Turner and former State Superintendent Tony...

Kim Davis: Civil Activist or Criminal?

Kim Davis, county clerk from Morehead, Kentucky, was put in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses on religious grounds. Was her decision justified?

Guam’s Chemical Castration: A Just Punishment?

Guam recently passed legislation allowing for chemical castration, without consent, of sex criminals. Is such a punishment justified?

Incarceration: The Guided Tour

In the age of Orange is the New Black, prison tourism stands to redefine the ethical tourist.

Indiana’s New Abortion Law: An Ethical, Medical, or Legal Concern?

Republican Gov. Mike Pence signed a new bill that “rohibits a person from performing an abortion if the person knows that the pregnant woman is...

Should Minors Stay in Adult Prisons?

In many states, minors charged with certain crimes can be tried as adults. Although some of the minors who enter the system are convicted...

Feel This

On the Brock Turner case and the moral reasoning needed to understand the perspectives involved.

Rethinking Mental Illness in Light of Mass Shootings

Part of the problem with mental illness is that no one talks about it. Could changing the stigma associated with help reduce mass shootings?