Crime and Law

photograph of alt-right rally

Christianity’s Role in Alt-Right Terrorism: More than an Aesthetic

Recent events have raised questions about Christianity's relation to alt-right ideology and its role in right-wing terrorism.
photograph of NRA protesters

Gun Control and the Ethics of Constitutional Rights

The US and New Zealand's positions on gun control could not be farther apart. How have political climates and history shaped these cultural attitudes? What is the substance of the right to bear arms? How broad is its justification?
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“It Wasn’t ‘Me'”: Neurological Causation and Punishment

Our understanding of neurological causation and personal responsibility is evolving. What is the impact of these findings for our criminal justice system?
photograph of syringe and bottle of antiobiotics

The Ethics of Philosophical Exemptions

Given the threat to public health, what bar should a claim to philosophical exemption from vaccination need to clear?
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What It Means to Legalize Euthanasia

Societal acceptance of physician-assisted suicide has been growing, but the costs aren't always so easy to see.
A photograph of a gun on a table

Gun Ownership and Suicide: An Overlooked Health Crisis  

Gun violence is more than mass shootings in the news - many gun deaths are the result of suicide. Why have we overlooked this crisis?
image of two adjoining prison cells

Death by State? The Country Discusses Abolition of Capital Punishment

Public opinion on capital punishment is shifting. Is this change justified?
Photograph of the entrance to the Louisiana State Penitentiary, showing a stop sign and a guard station along with a sign naming the institution and the warden Burl Cain

Angola Prison and the Ethics of Prison Labor

The "Alcatraz of the South" has a troubling history. Once a private plantation, the "Bloodiest Prison in America" now uses mandatory labor and religious services as a means of moral rehabilitation. Can the gains ever outweigh the moral ills?
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Judd v Weinstein: Reexamining Ex Post Facto

Ex post facto laws allow us to avoid retroactive legislation. But in the era after #MeToo, maybe there are some crimes that should be punished after the fact.
Photograph of a long hall of cells with light and a dome at the end

Aging and Blaming in the Criminal Justice System

As the average life expectancy increases, those sentenced to life in prison are facing more punishment than previous generations.