Crime and Law

photograph of police line with riot shields

Qualified Immunity: An Unqualified Disaster?

Can the lengths the law goes to hide institutional actors from public accountability be morally justified?
black-and-white photgraph of protestors holding "Defund the Police" sign

“Defund the Police”: A Powerful if Ambiguous Slogan

Abolishing law enforcement as we know it could mean many different things. Can the history of the police force give us direction in where to go from here?
Detail of the SCOTUS building that reads "equal justice under law"

Gorsuch, Textualism, and The Magic Lamp

How did a staunchly conservative Supreme Court judge side with a sweeping win for the LGBT community? The answer lies in textualism.
Police officer on horseback. Both horse and person are shown from behind

The Immorality of Nonhuman Police Officers

As many police practices come under increasing scrutiny, we must consider the role of nonhuman animals in police forces.
A protester displays a sign at the "Justice for Trayvon Martin Rally" at Krutch Park in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States. The sign reads, "NRA laws protect racist vigilantes."

The Vigilante “True Man” is Not a Good Man

We need to examine laws like Stand Your Ground that protect and make space for citizen vigilantes. How can we justify their roles in society now?
Protest in Australia; two signs are visible: one reads "lest we forget the frontier wars, black lives, white lies" and one shows a black and red image of Australia with the word "genocide" written on it

Black Lives Matter: Australia

As Black Lives Matter protests spread across the world, Australia must also confront the very present racism of how Indigenous people are treated by police.
two police officers dressed in riot gear holding smoke grenade guns

Malum in Se: The Use of Tear Gas by Police

If tear gas is a substance that is "evil in itself" (malum in se), why can police use tear gas on protesters? Just war theory provides criticism.
photograph of boarded up business in downtown LA

Complications in Our Picture of Looting

While the vast majority of protests have been peaceful, those that aren't challenge us in ways that require further investigation.
photograph of Lady Justice figurine with shadow cast on wall behind her

Call It What It Is: On Our Legal Language for Racialized...

We need greater legal resources for identifying and acknowledging the various forms racial violence takes.
photograph of empty prison cell

Solitary Confinement and COVID-19

Are the conditions inmate find themselves in during the pandemic consistent with the purpose incarceration is meant to serve?