photograph of empty science classroom

Religious Liberty and Science Education

New legislation has important implications for science education, particularly the presentation of evolution and climate science in public schools. How broadly should religious freedom extend? What is at stake?
photograph of young girl doing school work in room

The Ethics of Homeschooling

The vast difference in states' standards for homeschooling raises troubling questions about children's growth and their prospects of ever developing real autonomy. It also casts doubt on the legitimacy of home-based learning.
photograph of tv screen displaying an Arthur episode

On Censorship, Same-Sex Marriage, and a Cartoon Rat

Recent censorship in Alabama and Arkansas of a cartoon same-sex marriage in a kids' show on public television raises questions about audience and inclusivity. Who is guilty of "having an agenda?"
photograph of campus quad with students

Blame and Forgiveness in Student Loan Debt

What do Elizabeth Warren's proposed policies regarding student debt relief say about responsibility and fairness?
photograph of computer screen with empty Google searchbar

The Problem with “Google-Research”

We rely on the internet to get our news and stay informed, but Google searches can be slanted in ways that are hard to detect.
photograph of caution tape around library book shelves

Banned Books: Why the Restricted Section Is Where Learning Happens

How should we balance the social and educational benefits of controversial literature with the danger it might pose for impressionable young minds?
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Summit Learning and Experiments in Education

The use of personalized learning programs in public schools have prompted protests. Are there reasons for concern?
A boy walks through an aisle of books in a library.

College Admissions and the Ethics of Unfair Advantages

The recent admissions scandal has revealed the unfair advantages that certain people have when applying to school, and what that might mean for the rest of us.
A photograph of the Colorado Capitol Building in Denver, with green grass and blue sky

In Colorado, The Right to Comprehensive Sex Education

Colorado students are testifying in favor of a bill that would make comprehensive sex education the norm in public schools, but not all parents are happy with the legislation.
An image of high school graduates during a commencement ceremony.

The 21st-Century Valedictorian and the Battle for First Place

Choosing a valedictorian has long been a tradition of high school graduation. Due to concerns about student stress, its status is now in question.