Questions of Access as Harvard Law Accepts the GRE

Harvard Law School has decided to accept the GRE, in addition to the LSAT. What are the implications for the school's access and excellence?

Removing Slavery from Textbooks

McGraw-Hill and the Texas textbook controversy brings to light some questions about history. What story are we telling our kids and how does that matter for our nation's consciousness?

The UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident, Revisited

UC Davis is still recovering from a pepper spray incident from the Occupy Movement. How should colleges move forward from police brutality on students?

The Hidden Cost of Free Education

The 2016 presidential campaign has brought free education back into the spotlight as a national issue. What are the hidden consequences or benefits of such proposals?

The Truth about Student Loans

Student loans issued by the government are growing with each year. How does the federal government plan on collecting on these loans if the debtor refuses to pay?

Student Loan Debt’s Enforcement Problem

As student loan debt continues to rise, enforcement of its collection poses a unique problem for the criminal justice system.

Too Late? Teaching Consent Before College

Universities are arguing that sexual consent education must begin before college: could earlier exposure potentially prevent future sexual assault?

Paying Students for Grades: A Slippery Slope?

Increasingly, struggling school districts are weighing the effectiveness of granting students cash rewards for academic performance. But does paying kids for grades take away from the intrinsic value of learning?

The Snooze Button: Should School Start Earlier?

Early school hours deprive developing minds of much needed sleep. Should we be concerned?

A Collegiate Fear of Discomfort

College is a time to open your mind to new ideas, people and places. But on today's campuses, some say that students are afraid to speak up in fear of feeling discomfort.