The Hidden Cost of Free Education

The 2016 presidential campaign has brought free education back into the spotlight as a national issue. What are the hidden consequences or benefits of such proposals?

Too Late? Teaching Consent Before College

Universities are arguing that sexual consent education must begin before college: could earlier exposure potentially prevent future sexual assault?

Ethics in Research: Is the Government Catching Professors Cheating?

At the 2015 Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE) conference a few weeks ago, I went to a breakout session on ethical research...

The UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident, Revisited

UC Davis is still recovering from a pepper spray incident from the Occupy Movement. How should colleges move forward from police brutality on students?

Language Ethics and Government Accountability

"Many of the ensuing problems call for solutions that cannot wait for the world to agree on a universal right to move, some of...

Failures in our Education System

There are certain things about boys in relation to girls that I always assumed to be true. Boys eat more. Boys get into more...

The Truth about Student Loans

Student loans issued by the government are growing with each year. How does the federal government plan on collecting on these loans if the debtor refuses to pay?

Are Public Schools Teaching Kids to be Moral Nihilists?

Justin McBrayer, wrote this interesting piece for the New York Times.  He argues that there is a misleading distinction embedded in the common core standards...

Student Loan Debt’s Enforcement Problem

As student loan debt continues to rise, enforcement of its collection poses a unique problem for the criminal justice system.

Move Over, Mercator: World Maps in Boston’s Public Schools

On changing to the Gall-Peters world map projection in Boston's public schools.