photograph of NYC at rush hour

The Worst Thing You Can Do for Climate Change

We seem to be accelerating toward hard caps and milestones while the problem is only compounding.
photograph of children playing with LEGOs in the grass

LEGO and the Building Blocks of Environmental Salvation

How might we explain the space between going above and beyond or merely doing what's expected?
photograph of waves threatening coastal city

Ethical Obligations to Climate Refugees

What moral reasons might best ground nations' duty to provide aid and asylum to those being displaced?
photograph of water pollution with skyscrapers on opposite shoreline

Why Trivial Contributions to the Climate Crisis Still Count

The emphasis we place on different countries' responsibility for climate change may be doing more harm than good.
image of Japan and Korea landscape from space

Earth Day in a Year of Reckoning

Life under lockdown prompts us to reflect on our relation to the natural world and the animals with which we cohabitate.
photograph of wind turbines at sunset

Renewable Energy and Local Autonomy in Indiana

Generating clean energy with turbines seems to be in our interests, but how do we decide where we should we put them?
photograph of several snowballs at the bottom of hill with tracks trailing behind

Under Discussion: Conspiracy Theories, Climate Change, and the Crisis of Trust

There is no obvious cure for the climate change skepticism that has hold over a significant chunk of the population.
photograph of power plant smoke blotting out sun

Under Discussion: Economic Concerns for a Green Future

The economic uncertainty that comes with turning away from fossil fuels, gives those in power pause.
photograph of human shadow stretching out over dry lakebed

Under Discussion: The Marginalization of the Future

Our inability (and unwillingness) to advocate for those people and entities that can't advocate for themselves spells doom for environmental protections.
aerial photograph of Pastaza River Basin in South America

Considering the Rights of Nature

How can we perceive the rights and interests of entities that exist beyond our human interest in them?