photograph of wind turbines at sunset

Renewable Energy and Local Autonomy in Indiana

Generating clean energy with turbines seems to be in our interests, but how do we decide where we should we put them?
photograph of several snowballs at the bottom of hill with tracks trailing behind

Under Discussion: Conspiracy Theories, Climate Change, and the Crisis of Trust

There is no obvious cure for the climate change skepticism that has hold over a significant chunk of the population.
photograph of power plant smoke blotting out sun

Under Discussion: Economic Concerns for a Green Future

The economic uncertainty that comes with turning away from fossil fuels, gives those in power pause.
photograph of human shadow stretching out over dry lakebed

Under Discussion: The Marginalization of the Future

Our inability (and unwillingness) to advocate for those people and entities that can't advocate for themselves spells doom for environmental protections.
aerial photograph of Pastaza River Basin in South America

Considering the Rights of Nature

How can we perceive the rights and interests of entities that exist beyond our human interest in them?
image of old Oklahoma map designating "Indian Territory"

Revisiting the Trail of Tears: Tribal Control and Environmental Justice

Under what conditions should US agencies be allowed to interfere with the governance of tribal lands?
photograph of two wolves stalking in the snow

Reintroducing the Gray Wolf

What obligation do we have to restoring and preserving ecosystems and does that obligation extend to include predators?
photograph of Rio Tinto train cutting through landscape

Rio Tinto and the Distinction between Saying ‘Sorry’ and Being Sorry

The insincerity in Rio Tinto's public statements point to a basic misunderstanding regarding the appropriateness of blame and the demand of accountability.
photograph of national flags flying at UN

COVID-19 to Climate Change: Who Can Act?

The concerted effort required to overcome our current predicament is a proving ground for the battle that still awaits us.
photogrpah of cattle at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains

Water Scarcity and Aldo Leopold’s “Land Ethic”

Our habitual practices are causing harm and manipulations to market forces can't produce lasting change. What are we to do?