I Am The Lorax, I Tweet for the Trees

How online practices like the wanderlust community can contribute to environmental activism.

Solving California’s Water Crisis: A Libertarian Perspective

If you move to California these days, as I did a few months ago, the jokes about bringing your own water along will be...

Resistance to Antibiotics in Meat Production

Blanket antibiotic use is an accepted practice in the production of meat. Should it be? What risks does it hold for consumers?

Businesses Feel the Burn of Increased Environmental Regulation

Environmental regulation aimed at reducing smog will cost the economy an estimated USD 1.4 billion. Is public health worth it?

The Right to Gluttony: Sustainability vs. Individual Rights

Can your individual right to have a steak be overruled by a global need for a sustainable future?

Oil Sands and the Death of the Keystone XL Pipeline

One of the key issues with the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline was that it was built to transport oil sands rather than crude. Should this matter?

GMOs, Salmon and Overfishing

Genetically modified salmon offers the potential to decrease pressure on wild stocks. But they carry ethical concerns as well: how should we proceed?

It’s Time to Rethink Our Water Use

Our overuse of waterways like the Colorado River bodes poorly for the future of both the environment and our species.

Culling and Criticism: Yellowstone’s Bison Herds

Culling of the Yellowstone bison population is considered an essential tool in managing herd health, but it attracts outrage from environmentalists. Do the benefits outweigh the costs?

Green Energy or Global Markets?

India's efforts to push green energy have been stalled by the World Trade Organization, sparking a conflict between global trade and environmental sustainability.