photograph of dry, cracked earth with grass growing on a few individual pieces

Collective Action and Climate Change: Consumption, Defection, and Motivation

Individual incentives are at odds with collective rationality. How might models like the Prisoner's Dilemma illuminate our current predicament?
photograph of smoke on horizon from Australian bushfire

Australia’s Apocalyptic Summer

The situation in Australia is further complicated by the climate change politics at play. It may not have caused the fires, but climate change isn't only in the minds of "raving inner-city lefties" either.
photograph of machines at a coal mine at dawn

When Moral Arguments Don’t Work

Is addiction a useful framework for explaining inaction regarding global heating? Or does it simply excuse bad behavior?
photograph of power plant smoke stacks

Climate Justice: Whose Responsibility?

Is our duty to combat global heating grounded in responsibility, justice, or humanitarian concern? Why might this distinction matter?
image of emergency road sign

Is This an Emergency?: Why Language Matters

The language we use to describe the state of our world has significant influence in motivating human action.
photograph within abandoned building looking out

Power and Perception: The Ethics of Urban Exploration

Urban exploration can change our connection to the world and the way we see ourselves in it. But it can also reinforce a sense of entitlement and separation.
closeup photograph of mosquito

EEE and the Eradication of Mosquitoes

Is the annihilation of a species a justified response to the threat Mosquitoes pose? What about genetic modification? Who gets to decide?
photograph of "to exist is to resist" mural

Climate Emergency and the Case for Civil Disobedience

Continued political inactivity to confront the growing climate crisis may mean that participation in demonstration is not simply permissible, but may be morally obligatory.
climeme protest sign

The Ethics of Climate Change Protest: Should Protest Be Funny?

The memeification of climate change protest shows us once again how comedy and tragedy are related. But there may be consequences to fighting the ongoing climate emergency with humor in a transitory medium.
image of burial mound in field

Are Green Burials an Ethical Good?

Environmental ethics butts up against religious convictions: should climate change realities alter our beliefs about how to honor the dead?