photograph of father walking with daughter in the water on the beach

Procreative Autonomy and Climate Change

Do we have an obligation to abstain from child-bearing given the growing climate crisis?
satellite image of amazon fires

The Amazon Fires: Responsibility, Obligation, and the Limitations of the State

Violating state sovereignty by intervening on environmental grounds is an under-discussed topic. As the world shrinks and our problems expand, what role will our modern conceptions of the nation-state play in our future?
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Pacific Islands Forum: Climate War in the Pacific

The growing climate crisis is highlighting our interconnectedness; one nation's consumption is another nation's problem.
photograph of two elephants on marshy plains

Legal Personhood and Nonhuman Rights

The move to grant non-human animals, and even non-organisms like rivers, legal personhood prompts reflection on our evolving conception of rights.
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The Ethics of a Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax

Debate over revenue neutral or non revenue neutral carbon taxes asks whether its is a tool for changing individual financial incentives or funding climate adaptation? What are the ethical implications? What are the political implications?
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Population Growth and Anti-Natalist Philosophy

Arguments regarding the immorality of procreation are on the rise given concerns of overpopulation and humans' contribution to climate change.
photograph of petroglyphs etched in a number of different stone faces

Cultural Heritage and the Murujuga Petroglyphs

Embedded in the case for protection are arguments concerning the value of our past, in-group/out-group determinations about our shared heritage, and historical injustice and marginalization.
close-up photograph of dried lakebed

Discussing Scientific Consensus on Climate Change

Emphasizing consensus can motivate change, but overstating agreement undermines the public's ability to engage in policy debates. How should we proceed?
Close-up photograph of a hand holding vegan McDonalds burger

Plant-Based Meat Substitutes, Sensational Reporting, and Information Literacy

The media's treatment of recent plant-based meat rollouts fails to give the significant moral gains their due.
photograph of earth from space with one-half illuminated and the other half in darkness

Individual Obligation in the Face of Global Climate Change

Climate change is caused by the individual actions of a number of different actors, but will require the collective action to mitigate. Unfortunately, motivating people to make changes to avoid a future problem is difficult when there are pressing troubles already staring us in the face.