Photograph of a lemur turning toward the camera over its puffy tail

The Indianapolis Prize and the Ethics of Conservation

We can all agree that conservation efforts are crucial -- but how we choose which species to save is another question.
"Caleta Tortel" by Javier Vieras licensed under CC BY 2.0 (via Flickr).jpg

Who and What is a Person: Chile Rivers

How does "personhood" affect rivers in Chile? And should this title of "personhood" be passed onto inanimate objects if for a good cause?
A bluebird perched on a barbed wire fence

Insecticidal Tendencies: Insects as Candidates for Ecological Ethics

Pesticides have done a lot of harm to our environment, but most of all to insects. Should our ethics extend beyond ourselves to members of the natural world?
Photograph of two iced Starbucks drinks with a wrapped straw in between them

Sip Carefully: Plastic Straws and the Individualization of Responsibility

Is Starbucks' plastic straw ban actually more sustainable? And is it an authentic acceptance of responsibility for sustainability?
Multi-colored plastic bottles and other trash spread out on a white-sand beach.

Ethical Concepts in the Age of the Anthropocene

We all know, more or less, that Planet Earth is in trouble; that there is an overwhelming scientific consensus that an environmental catastrophe –...
Close-up photo of two heads of mini lettuce growing in a field

The Future of Farming: Reconsidering the E. Coli Breakout

Identifying the problems that caused the E. coli outbreak in May might point us towards newer, more sustainable methods of farming.
Image of plastic bottles floating in the ocean

When It Comes to the Environment, is Education Morally Obligatory?

We now know more about human impacts on the environment than ever before. Does that mean we are morally obligated to keep learning?
photo of animal pelts on a table.

Banning Furs and Plastics: Vital Progress or Unjust Restriction of Liberty?

Just how much should governments be able to regulate unethical consumer products?
Image of Mars from space

Environmental Ethics for the Red Planet

As humans contemplate a visit to Mars, how should they regard the importance of the Martian environment?
Photo of the coast of Cape Town showing high rise buildings and a crane

Cape Town is Facing Unprecedented Drought. Should Tourists Still Visit?

Should tourists still travel to a city in the midst of a water crisis?