image of emergency road sign

Is This an Emergency?: Why Language Matters

The language we use to describe the state of our world has significant influence in motivating human action.
photograph within abandoned building looking out

Power and Perception: The Ethics of Urban Exploration

Urban exploration can change our connection to the world and the way we see ourselves in it. But it can also reinforce a sense of entitlement and separation.
closeup photograph of mosquito

EEE and the Eradication of Mosquitoes

Is the annihilation of a species a justified response to the threat Mosquitoes pose? What about genetic modification? Who gets to decide?
photograph of "to exist is to resist" mural

Climate Emergency and the Case for Civil Disobedience

Continued political inactivity to confront the growing climate crisis may mean that participation in demonstration is not simply permissible, but may be morally obligatory.
climeme protest sign

The Ethics of Climate Change Protest: Should Protest Be Funny?

The memeification of climate change protest shows us once again how comedy and tragedy are related. But there may be consequences to fighting the ongoing climate emergency with humor in a transitory medium.
image of burial mound in field

Are Green Burials an Ethical Good?

Environmental ethics butts up against religious convictions: should climate change realities alter our beliefs about how to honor the dead?
photograph of road construction beginning with trees in distance

The Djap Wurrung Trees, Hermeneutical Injustice, and Australia’s First Nations People

The conflict regarding the Djap Wurrung trees in western Victoria presents an opportunity to redress longstanding injustice.
photograph of father walking with daughter in the water on the beach

Procreative Autonomy and Climate Change

Do we have an obligation to abstain from child-bearing given the growing climate crisis?
satellite image of amazon fires

The Amazon Fires: Responsibility, Obligation, and the Limitations of the State

Violating state sovereignty by intervening on environmental grounds is an under-discussed topic. As the world shrinks and our problems expand, what role will our modern conceptions of the nation-state play in our future?
photograph of shoreline

Pacific Islands Forum: Climate War in the Pacific

The growing climate crisis is highlighting our interconnectedness; one nation's consumption is another nation's problem.