photo of animal pelts on a table.

Banning Furs and Plastics: Vital Progress or Unjust Restriction of Liberty?

Just how much should governments be able to regulate unethical consumer products?
Image of Mars from space

Environmental Ethics for the Red Planet

As humans contemplate a visit to Mars, how should they regard the importance of the Martian environment?
Photo of the coast of Cape Town showing high rise buildings and a crane

Cape Town is Facing Unprecedented Drought. Should Tourists Still Visit?

Should tourists still travel to a city in the midst of a water crisis?
Image of many abandoned buildings

Eco-dystopias: What Fiction Can Teach Us About Climate Change

How does fiction deal with climate change, and do we take it seriously enough?
Photo of nuclear power plant next to a city

Embracing Nuclear Power as a Solution to Climate Change

Despite mixed public opinion, nuclear energy might be the best solution to lowering carbon emissions.
an image of an anthill

Questions on the Ethics of Triage, Posed by a Sub-Saharan Ant

When treating injured people, how should care be prioritized? And does the behavior of sub-Saharan ants provide a clue?
A photo of dry, cracked soil.

In Climate Change Denial, Fatalism Versus Determinism

Climate change fatalism is a powerful barrier to environmental action - and it isn't just limited to religion.
An image of a bull dying in a bullfight.

Bullfighting: Moral Good or Unnecessary Cruelty?

Is there any way to morally reconcile bullfighting as a sport?

Tragedy of the Commons in Cape Town’s Water Crisis

Cape Town will likely the first major city to run out of water in modern times. Can anything be done to solve the problem?
A close-up photo of a hamburger.

Lab-Grown Meat: A Moral Revolution?

Lab-grown meat stands to curb factory farming and reduce our impact on the environment. But is it a morally effective replacement of real meat?