Debating The Dakota Access Pipeline

Energy independence is a goal for many, but the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline has raised not only environmental concerns, but also a fight for tribal rights.

Absent Perpetrator and Action-Less Bystander in East Chicago

Lead contamination of soil has prompted the evacuation of East Chicago residents, but who is to blame: the absent, out-of-business perpetrators or those who failed to act sooner?

When One Crisis Fuels Another: The Zika Virus and Bees

Methods used to kill Zika-carrying mosquitos are also harming the dwindling bee population, creating an ethical dilemma of which crisis is more important.

Modifying the Mosquito

Should public health experts use genetically modified mosquitoes to prevent a Zika epidemic?

Outdoor Exercise Versus Air Pollution

How should communities balance the benefits of exercise with the dangers of air pollution?

This & That: Assisting Evolution

Interns Connor McAndrew and Amy Brown discuss the effects of assisting evolution in order to reverse negative environmental changes.

The Church of Green Capitalism

Religion has been notoriously hard to define since before the common era. Make the definition of “religion” too exclusive and well-established movements such as...

Green Energy or Global Markets?

India's efforts to push green energy have been stalled by the World Trade Organization, sparking a conflict between global trade and environmental sustainability.

Culling and Criticism: Yellowstone’s Bison Herds

Culling of the Yellowstone bison population is considered an essential tool in managing herd health, but it attracts outrage from environmentalists. Do the benefits outweigh the costs?

It’s Time to Rethink Our Water Use

Our overuse of waterways like the Colorado River bodes poorly for the future of both the environment and our species.