Evaluating Climate Change’s Post-Election Importance

Former Vice President Al Gore is making headlines after his meeting with President-elect Donald Trump on December 5th. After the meeting, he sat for...

Is the Paris Agreement Ethical?

On whether the Paris Agreement sufficiently acknowledges the short-term realities of a fossil fuel-dependent world.

Who Owns Climate Change?

Should ideology be held accountable for a multifaceted problem like global climate change?

Future of the Environment Under a Trump Presidency

Donald Trump's choice for the Head of Transition for the EPA raises concerns about the future of environmental policy under a Trump administration.

A Tale of Two Seeds: Monsanto and the Dicamba Wars

Farmers have been illegally using the herbicide Dicamba on crops, prompting widespread crop destruction and the release of resistant seeds by Monsanto.

Debating The Dakota Access Pipeline

Energy independence is a goal for many, but the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline has raised not only environmental concerns, but also a fight for tribal rights.

Absent Perpetrator and Action-Less Bystander in East Chicago

Lead contamination of soil has prompted the evacuation of East Chicago residents, but who is to blame: the absent, out-of-business perpetrators or those who failed to act sooner?

When One Crisis Fuels Another: The Zika Virus and Bees

Methods used to kill Zika-carrying mosquitos are also harming the dwindling bee population, creating an ethical dilemma of which crisis is more important.

Modifying the Mosquito

Should public health experts use genetically modified mosquitoes to prevent a Zika epidemic?

Outdoor Exercise Versus Air Pollution

How should communities balance the benefits of exercise with the dangers of air pollution?