cartoon image of man speaking into megaphone made of money

Considered Position: Flawed Democracy – Money in Politics

How could money possibly undermine citizens' basic political equality in a democracy?
photograph of gloved hand offering syringe and vaccine vial

This for That: Trading Vaccinations for Stimulus Checks

Should citizens refusing vaccination be denied a stimulus check? Is this proposal really any different from school immunizations?
photograph of couple presenting passport

The Ethics of Vaccination Passports

The coronavirus has exposed and exacerbated all sorts of inequalities. A new policy proposal only compounds the problem.
headshot photograph of elon musk in a tux

Saturday Night Live and the Humanization of Elon Musk

Can the show maintain its critical edge while offering controversial figures a platform?
photograph of a patchwork ofnational flags sewn together

On Patriotism

What does our fidelity to the nation in which we live require? What can it not demand?
image of repeating error windows

The Ethics of Protest Trolling

Can this kind of intentional interference be defended as legitimate activism?
"McDonald's #1 Store Museum, Des Plaines, Ill." by Jerry Huddleston liscened under CC BY 2.0 (via Flickr).

The Moral Trap of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

McDonald's recently rereleased their Szechuan Sauce, but not widely enough to satisfy all fans. The aftermath of extreme customer dissatisfaction offers lessons about the role of nostalgia.

Tragedy of the Commons in Cape Town’s Water Crisis

Cape Town will likely the first major city to run out of water in modern times. Can anything be done to solve the problem?
Photograph of protest with boy in foreground, a sign in the background saying "end police brutality"

Is the Media to Blame for Police Brutality?

Do the portrayals of black men in movies and TV add to the racist stereotypes police officers often act upon?
Photograph of a clear glass jar with dollars in it

To Tip or Not to Tip: D.C.’s Ballot Initiative 77

In the nation's capitol, tip wage versus minimum wage was a point of contention, as Ballot Initiative 77 passed by a narrow margin.