abstract painting of two faces without eyes facing away from one another

Testimony, Conspiracy Theories, and Hume on Miracles

How can we guard against a willingness to be deceived in our quest to see the complete picture?
photograph of covid vaccination ampoules

Incentivizing the Vaccine-Hesitant

Should our vaccination strategy be aimed at changing hearts and minds or merely changing behavior?
black-and-white photograph of empty jail cell

Implications of Exonerations

What might explain the difference in our intuitions regarding the death penalty and life in prison?
photograph of couple presenting passport

The Ethics of Vaccination Passports

The coronavirus has exposed and exacerbated all sorts of inequalities. A new policy proposal only compounds the problem.
photograph of Selma anniversary march at Edmund Pettus Bridge featuring Barack Obama and John Lewis

On an Imperative to Educate People on the History of Race...

"History is not the past. It is the present. We carry our history with us. We are our history." - James Baldwin
photograph of small child peeking through his hands covering his face

Color Blindness and Cartoon Network’s PSA

Can children appreciate the difference between the society we currently have and the society we wish to exist someday?
image of black lipstick kiss on white background

Can Hyperfemininity Be Radical?

Is there progress regarding sexual politics that can be made by leaning into the male gaze?
collection of feminine hygeine products

Mexico City’s Tampon Ban

Legislation concerning single-use plastics has created disproportionate burdens. Is there cause to object?
photograph of the White House at night

When Should We Be Undemocratic?

On what grounds might barring a politician from ever running for public office again be justified?
photograph of upset audiency members in a movie theater

The Ethics of Cringe

What can cringe culture tell us about social norms, self-awareness, and moral shaming?