Charles Koch portrait photograph

Wrongs that Are Wrong to Forgive?

Mea culpa? What are the relevant considerations that must be assessed before offering absolution?
photograph of ampoules in automatic inspection machine conveyor

For-Profit Coronavirus Vaccines

Whatever the market can bear? Does private enterprise owe anything to public health?
image of old Oklahoma map designating "Indian Territory"

Revisiting the Trail of Tears: Tribal Control and Environmental Justice

Under what conditions should US agencies be allowed to interfere with the governance of tribal lands?
photograph of Trump pardoning Thanksgiving turkey

The Ethics of Pardoning

What justification can we offer for a tool that flies in the face of our moral convictions regarding fairness, justice, and equality before the law?
photograph of "Stay Safe" message among pumpkins and thanksgiving background

Should I Stay, or Should I Go: Holidays in the Age...

The burden of isolation is heavy, but the risk of get-togethers is great.
image of crowd with empty circle in the middle

Mill’s Dilemma

How can political adversaries engage in genuine dialog given our present cultural climate?
photograph of pencil lying on 1040 tax form

Fairness in Taxation

Is fairness about treating all alike or being sensitive to each individual's means?
image of deep space with nebulae and bright stars

Yes Elon, There Is Space Law

The language surrounding space colonization invites comparison with Manifest Destiny and conjures images of the private pillaging of a shared resource.
photograph of two wolves stalking in the snow

Reintroducing the Gray Wolf

What obligation do we have to restoring and preserving ecosystems and does that obligation extend to include predators?
photograph of stuffed Republican elephant and Democrat Donkey face-to-face atop American flag

Should Republicans and Democrats Be Friends?

Can friendship overcome deep moral disagreement? Should it?