photograph of empty courtroom from Judge's perspective with gavel in foreground

To Requite, To Restore, or To Deter: Punishing Amy Cooper

What model of punishment best accommodates our intuitions in this particular case?
photograph of peaceful protest in Sheung Shui district arms raised

Let Hongkongers In

Are there legitimate fears that might explain reluctance to offer those ready to flee Hong Kong safe harbor and a path to citizenship?

The Moral Challenges of Opening Up Schools During the Pandemic

There may be no ideal one-size-fits-all solution for schools reopening, but that doesn't mean that all plans are equal.
photograph of symbol of law and justice in the empty courtroom

The BARD Standard and Justified Execution

Does the very possibility of wrongful conviction — inherent to the BARD standard — render capital punishment unconscionable?
photograph of large crowd walking through strip mall

Individualism in the Time of COVID: The Rights and Wrongs of...

Whose rights are at stake when businesses require patrons to don face masks? How should we define the boundaries of our individual freedom?
photograph of D.C. skyline with Washington Monument at dusk

The Case For and Against D.C. Statehood

What can D.C.'s history tell us about its future prospects for inclusion and its hopes for political representation?
photograph of Meng Wanzhou on a moblie phone at business function

The Ethical Dilemma of Extraditing Meng Wanzhou

Foreign affairs predicaments like this highlight the difficulty in assessing the trade-offs between incomparable values in situations of uncertainty.
photograph of Rio Tinto train cutting through landscape

Rio Tinto and the Distinction between Saying ‘Sorry’ and Being Sorry

The insincerity in Rio Tinto's public statements point to a basic misunderstanding regarding the appropriateness of blame and the demand of accountability.
photograph of four Uighur women, one with a baby

Uighur Genocide and the Wrong of Population Control

Genocide can take any number of forms, but how do we capture the unique moral harm perpetrated by programs targeting children?
photograph of Biden at rally pointing to the crowd

Is Biden Trapped by Identity Politics?

Is identity politics threatening to further fracture our fragile bonds or is it the path to reconciliation?