photograph of four silhouetted youths at sunset

On the Permissibility of Procreation

How big an impact does the choice to not have a child make on climate change really?
photograph of NYC at rush hour

The Worst Thing You Can Do for Climate Change

We seem to be accelerating toward hard caps and milestones while the problem is only compounding.
black-and-white photograph of Texas State Capitol Building

The Texas Heartbeat Act and Linguistic Clarity

Too little and too much meaning survives the leap from the medical context to the political.
image of disconnected US states

What Arguments for the Electoral College Really Show

Meaningful voting reform starts by considering what constitutes a legitimate deviation from One Person, One Vote.
photograph of TV camera in news studio

On Journalistic Malpractice

How might we legitimately distinguish between those who do and do not deserve to bear the name?
photograph of elderly man masked in waiting room

COVID Vaccines and Primary Care

Are doctors violating their professional code in choosing who they will or will not treat, or, as always, simply minimizing their patients' risk and possible harm?
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On Objectivity in Journalism

Exercising discretion in choosing what to say and how to say it inevitably requires adopting some particular perspective, but doesn't that just admit bias?
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Aesop and the Unvaccinated: On Messaging and Rationality

Too much time is devoted to finger-pointing and name-calling, while not enough attention is paid to what goes into the message.
photograph of Machiavelli statue

The Politically Great and the Morally Good

Should we really prefer a virtuous leader when it comes to getting the job done?
photograph of children playing with LEGOs in the grass

LEGO and the Building Blocks of Environmental Salvation

How might we explain the space between going above and beyond or merely doing what's expected?