photograph of father walking with daughter in the water on the beach

Procreative Autonomy and Climate Change

Do we have an obligation to abstain from child-bearing given the growing climate crisis?
image of police tape with police lights in background

Faulty Forensics: Justice, Knowledge, and Bias

Our forensic methods aren't as objective as we assume, and the role prejudice is allowed to play undermines the legitimacy of our criminal justice system.
photograph of dust cover of "Going Gonzo" book

The Questionable Morality of Gonzo Journalism

The increasing trend of subjective reporting in journalism blurs the distinction between fact and opinion and threatens to undermine the political process.
close-up photograph of contract with pen laying on "signature" section

Sworn to Secrecy: The Ethics of Confidentiality Agreements

What is the moral and legal value of contractual promises of non-disclosure? Is it ever ethical to break our word?
photograph of unmarked headstone in cemetery

Should We Celebrate the Death of an Enemy?

What are our responsibilities to those who have caused harm? What are and are not appropriate responses to a fallen foe?
photograph of flag ceremony at NFL football game

Jay-Z and Colin Kaepernick: Is It Business or Personal?

What responsibility, if any, does JAY-Z have with regards to Colin Kaepernick and his partnership with the NFL?
photograph of Jay-Z mural

Jay-Z and the NFL: Hypocrisy or Suite Participation?

What, if any, obligation does Jay-Z, as a high-profile advocate for social justice and a recognizable brand, have to not condone or distract from the NFL's many public relation problems?
satellite image of amazon fires

The Amazon Fires: Responsibility, Obligation, and the Limitations of the State

Violating state sovereignty by intervening on environmental grounds is an under-discussed topic. As the world shrinks and our problems expand, what role will our modern conceptions of the nation-state play in our future?
photograph of protest at night in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Protests and International Obligation

As the object of a treaty between two sovereign nations, what responsibility do we have to the autonomy of Hong Kong?
photograph of Trump hugging flag on stage

Is It Wrong to Be a Nationalist?

Trump's embrace of the 'nationalist' label has drawn criticism. Is there any version of nationalism that is defensible?