photograph of Indro Montanelli statue

Indro Montanelli’s Statue and Reckoning with the Past

The ongoing debate over Montanelli's legacy reminds us of the impossibility in fully capturing the complexity of another's life.
photograph of Mike Henry beside poster of Cleveland character he voices

White Skins, Black Masks: Voice Acting and Representation

Combating the underrepresentation of people of color in the entertainment industry is an important goal, but the way we go about it is equally important.
photograph of D&D figurines and dice

Dungeons, Dragons, and Du Bois’ Race Problem

What might be the real-world harm of racial essentialism in a fantasy role-playing game? What does it take to confront the Veil?
photograph of newspaper printing press in operation

Tom Cotton’s Op-Ed and the Aims of the Opinion Page

What obligations might news organizations have to the public in regards to choosing which opinions are fit to print?
photograph of "No Justice No Peace" sign at protest

COVID-19 and Systemic Racism

From the pandemic to ongoing economic, social, and political oppression, it's not that our obligations have grown, but that our failings have become more obvious.
black-and-white photograph of protestor taking photo of "White Silence is Violence" sign with phone

Censoring “Gratuitous” Violence

Confronting real-world violence can be an important agent of change. Might we have a social responsibility to share and bear witness to real-life horrors?
photograph of BLM protester with sign explaining white privilege

Undoing White Privilege

Identifying and disassembling the institutions of white supremacy will require a concerted effort. What does allyship require?
photograph of police line with riot shields

Qualified Immunity: An Unqualified Disaster?

Can the lengths the law goes to hide institutional actors from public accountability be morally justified?
black-and-white photgraph of protestors holding "Defund the Police" sign

“Defund the Police”: A Powerful if Ambiguous Slogan

Abolishing law enforcement as we know it could mean many different things. Can the history of the police force give us direction in where to go from here?
photograph of bar graph made of various colored blocks

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Statistics have long been manipulated and misrepresented. Numbers rarely speak for themselves, and (intentionally or not) we don't speak well for them.