photograph of private hospital room with comfort items

Aid in Dying in New Jersey

The Supreme Court has refused to protect physician-assisted suicide at the federal level, but the number of states with aid-in-dying legislation is growing. What are the legal principles and moral values at play?
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Pacific Islands Forum: Climate War in the Pacific

The growing climate crisis is highlighting our interconnectedness; one nation's consumption is another nation's problem.
photograph of Uighur gathering

Corporate Responsibility and Human Rights: DNA Data Collection in Xinjiang

A coercive data collection campaign in China raises questions about corporate complicity. What obligation, if any, do companies have when their goods are being used to cause harm or violate others' rights?
photograph of an open cell block

Determinism and Punishment

Should it be revealed that our actions are not as autonomous as we assume them to be, how might this impact our conception of punishment and desert?
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Excessive or Necessary? Prosecutorial Discretion in Pursuing Legal Charges

The divergence between the concepts of justice and fairness can easily be seen in prosecutors' different explanations of their relationship to the law.
Image of two human stick-figures arguing

The Free-Speech Defense and a Defense of Free Speech

Mill endorsed free and open debate as a machine capable of refining and reinforcing truth. There were, however, limits. On his view, political correctness is not a restriction of free speech but a basic tenet.
photograph of two elephants on marshy plains

Legal Personhood and Nonhuman Rights

The move to grant non-human animals, and even non-organisms like rivers, legal personhood prompts reflection on our evolving conception of rights.
photograph of traffic gridlock for multiple blocks

The Ethics of a Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax

Debate over revenue neutral or non revenue neutral carbon taxes asks whether its is a tool for changing individual financial incentives or funding climate adaptation? What are the ethical implications? What are the political implications?
photograph overlooking San Francisco

The California Housing Crisis and Collective Action

California's housing shortage touches on everything: entitlement, privilege, fairness, justice, gentrification, subsidiarity, class conflict and free-riders.
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Population Growth and Anti-Natalist Philosophy

Arguments regarding the immorality of procreation are on the rise given concerns of overpopulation and humans' contribution to climate change.