image of asteroid in deep space

Ethical Concerns About Space Mining

The private exploitation and extraction of a shared resource threatens consequences for all.
photograph of industrial chimney stacks polluting air over natural landscape

Under Discussion: Global Warming and the Right to Risk Wrong

Contributing to a problem doesn't grant license to impose one's "solution" on others as well.
photograph of several snowballs at the bottom of hill with tracks trailing behind

Under Discussion: Conspiracy Theories, Climate Change, and the Crisis of Trust

There is no obvious cure for the climate change skepticism that has hold over a significant chunk of the population.
photograph of national flags from all over the world flying

Under Discussion: The Moral Necessity of International Agreements

Despite all the various criticisms, accords and treaties are an indispensable tool in fighting global warming.
photograph of power plant smoke blotting out sun

Under Discussion: Economic Concerns for a Green Future

The economic uncertainty that comes with turning away from fossil fuels, gives those in power pause.
photograph of human shadow stretching out over dry lakebed

Under Discussion: The Marginalization of the Future

Our inability (and unwillingness) to advocate for those people and entities that can't advocate for themselves spells doom for environmental protections.
photograph of protestors with "People over Pipelines" sign

Under Discussion: Undermining a Democratic Response

If we are to rise to the challenge presented by climate change, government must again become a tool for facilitating people's ability to act.
computer image of various bar graphs

The Ethics of Presidential Polling

Can we justify the choice to make unofficial presidential polling data available to the masses while the result is still out?
photograph of partial newspaper headlines arranged in a stack

Should News Sites Have Paywalls?

Given the vital democratic role of the fourth estate, we need some way of making fact-based journalism widely available.
photograph of President Trump leaving podium at border wall event

Moral Authority in America

What have these past four years really meant for America's legacy? What is the way forward?