A photo of a man waving an LGBTQ+ rainbow flag outside the Supreme Court

Let Them Eat Cake: Public Accommodations and Religious Liberty in Colorado

The Supreme Court will soon decide whether products like wedding cakes count as speech, and whether their makers can refuse to serve LGBTQ couples.
A photo of Senator Al Franken.

Are Zero Tolerance Policies the Solution to Sexual Misconduct?

In the wake of the #metoo campaign, some have pushed for zero tolerance policies for those accused of sexual assault. What would the implications of such a policy be?
"Agriculture," by StateofIsrael liscensed under CC BY 2.0 (via Flickr)

A Story Seldom Told: Sexual Assault In Agriculture

Sexual assaults do not only occur in the vacuum of Hollywood but rather there are everywhere you look. This article draws attention to sexual assault within the agriculture business.
A large collection of Air Jordans sneakers in glass boxes.

Seeking Responsibility in the Deaths over Designer Sneakers

When people are killed for their collectible sneakers, do the shoes' designers share any responsibility?
"Women's March Austin-1" by Lauren Harnett liscensed under CC BY 2.0 (via Flickr)

Telling Stories, Seeking Justice: The #MeToo Movement

With discussions of sexual assault, #Metoo was renewed to provide voices for women. But in a society where many men still shun feminism, what else does it do?
A vintage snapshot of four boys playing with toy guns next to a lake.

To Understand America’s Resistance to Gun Control, Look to Religion

The fatalism that marks the gun rights movement's approach to gun safety is fundamentally intertwined with religious notions of evil.
A sterile photo of an office hallway.

Our Alienation from Work

Is the world becoming "post-work?" And if it is, how will that change the way we talk about our labor?

Taking Stock of Solitary Confinement’s Mental Toll

Though solitary confinement in prisons remains a divisive issue, evidence of the practice's detrimental effects is mounting.

South Sudan’s Famine and the Moral Relevance of Distance

Should we make decisions on humanitarian aid based on the proximity of those afflicted?

Diagnosis from a Distance: The Ethics of the Goldwater Rule

Debates around psychiatrists' role in the political sphere have taken on new life under Donald Trump's presidency.