What Did Mexico’s Politicians Gain from Trump’s Visit?

Why did the President of Mexico decide to meet with an incendiary candidate who argues that the country is a haven for drugs and crime?

Relying Too Much on Polls Doesn’t Serve Public

A news media that wants to serve the public should focus coverage on issues and candidate qualifications.

Seeing the Olympics

The contradictions inherent in the Olympics make it difficult to reject or embrace completely.

Feel This

On the Brock Turner case and the moral reasoning needed to understand the perspectives involved.

Why The U.S. Should Embrace Instant Runoff Voting

Donald Trump benefitted from an electoral system that struggles with crowded candidate fields. Instant Runoff Voting could change that.

Should Musician’s Intent Matter to Political Campaigns?

Are politicians wrong to appropriate music for their own purposes? Your answer probably depends on how you read literature.

Pokemon Go and the Public Space

The popular augmented reality app underscores tensions between the individual, technology and the public space.

(How) Does Capitalism Incentivize? Part II

This post originally appeared June 16, 2015. My last post discussed the bifurcated incentivization structure of capitalism: owners profit while workers become disempowered by working harder....

(How) Does Capitalism Incentivize? Part I

This post originally appeared June 9, 2015. In my youth my parents would defend capitalism by saying that it incentivized work in contrast to communism....

The Threshold for Knowledge

In February, Dr. Michael Hannon presented his talk "The Threshold for Knowledge" as a part of the Young Philosophers Lecture Series hosted by the Prindle...