photograph of huge crowd from above, many with arms raised

Under Discussion: A Dearth of Democracy

The opportunity to register one's political preferences (especially at the federal level) is small, and only getting smaller.
photograph of an "I tried to vote today" sticker

Under Discussion: Consent of the Governed? Obstacles to Free and Fair...

Given that the people's voice grants government legitimacy, the authority of American democracy is under threat.
photograph of "Vote" written on chalkboard with drawing of American flag

Considered Position: Flawed Democracy – Voter Participation

What is required in order for our government to represent the people's will?
photograph of Trump and Judge Barrett at nomination ceremony

Confirming Amy Coney Barrett: Against Secularism or For Religious Freedom?

Is faith underrepresented on the bench, and are critics of the president's nomination guilty of discrimination against the religious?
cartoon image of man speaking into megaphone made of money

Considered Position: Flawed Democracy – Money in Politics

How could money possibly undermine citizens' basic political equality in a democracy?
photograph of statue on the steps to the US Supreme Court

Ponderous Chains; or, How the Supreme Court Escapes Precedent

How can the Court overturn precedent and go against stare decisis?
image of red and blue cells making a map of the US

Considered Position: Flawed Democracy – Minority Rights

The Electoral College, partisan gerrymandering, and varying Congressional district sizes have all undermined the people's political voice.
photograph of newspaper stand with various magazines with Trump on the cover

Is It Right to Hope for a Politician’s Death?

Neither revenge nor negligence can justify hoping for the worse or expressing joy at other's misfortune.
photograph of street traffic leading up to US Capitol building

Considered Position: Flawed Democracy – Disenfranchisement

No taxation without representation? Many still have no way of having their political voice recognized.
photograph of screen displaying Trump's Twitter profile

Misericordia and Trump’s Illness

Can virtue ethics ever justify wishing harm to come to others?