photograph of seesaw with 1 paper cutout man balanced against 20

The Politicization of Disease

The current pandemic is but another opportunity to observe the perennial conflict between private interest and public good.
photograph of voter filling out ballot

Operation Chaos; or, How to Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of...

The idea of "party raiding" raises interesting questions not only about our motivations at the ballot booth, but also the way we go about preference ordering.
photograph of pile of "Vote" buttons

The Case for Epistocratic Democracy

Do we, as voters, have an obligation to be informed? Where could such a duty come from? Who might we owe it to?
photograph of Mike Bloomberg speaking at political rally

Bloomberg: Biasing Elections With Billions

Self-funding one's political campaign seems like a noble endeavor, but it also raises a host of concerns.
photograph of classically-designed building

From Boring to Soaring; or, Beauty Is in the Eye of...

How should we understand the politics behind Trump's designation of "beauty"? What is at stake in the architectural design of federal buildings?
image of "Marxist" black-and-white label

Meaning in Political Discourse

How precise are our meanings and how precise is our usage? We use terms like "social construct" and "socialist," but can intend very different things by them.
engraving of the Golden Age of the Senate

The US Senate as Jury

What makes the US Senate the proper place to judge impeachment? Does the "world's greatest deliberative body" still deserve it's name?
photograph of Trump at Catholic church

On Political Purity Tests

How should we approach elections? Is there a midway between being too idealistic and sacrificing our values?
photograph of reporters' recording devices pushing for response from suited figure

The Harms of Reporting Political Insults

When even the presentation of facts is non-neutral, how can journalism retain any claim to objectivity?
photograph of Mayor Pete at an even flipping pork chops in Iowa Pork apron

Campaign Donations, Caveat Emptor, and #RefundPete

Campaign donations can give contributors a sense of entitlement, but can these feelings be justified? What does our dollar really buy? What should it buy?