photograph of Trump at Catholic church

On Political Purity Tests

How should we approach elections? Is there a midway between being too idealistic and sacrificing our values?
photograph of reporters' recording devices pushing for response from suited figure

The Harms of Reporting Political Insults

When even the presentation of facts is non-neutral, how can journalism retain any claim to objectivity?
photograph of Mayor Pete at an even flipping pork chops in Iowa Pork apron

Campaign Donations, Caveat Emptor, and #RefundPete

Campaign donations can give contributors a sense of entitlement, but can these feelings be justified? What does our dollar really buy? What should it buy?
photograph of empty US Capitol steps

Of Trump and Truth

The political assault on truth has far-reaching implications. Can we save government from Orwellian dystopia and rescue ethics from a world without facts?

Conscientious Exemption, Reasonable Accommodation, and Dianne Hensley

How should we respond when the right to conscientious exemption runs up against the right to reasonable accommodation?
photograph of Boris Johnson scratching head

Johnson’s Mumbling and Top-Down Effects on Perception

The judgments inherent to perception are neither universal nor objective. And this fact can lead to a breakdown in communication or be used to hide our intentions.
photograph of Capitol building with U.S. flag flying below the Statue of Freedom

Impeachment as a Means to an End

The value of the impeachment hearings extends well beyond the immediate political horizon. It is not a tool in service of a particular end, but a communicative symbol to the world.
image of two heads with distinct collections of colored cubes

Impeachment Hearings and Changing Your Mind

Fact-finding endeavors like the impeachment hearings highlight our inability to keep an open mind. From confirmation bias to selective perception, we possess all sorts of bulwarks for our beliefs.
photograph of "voting" sign on a wall

On the Question of Strategic Voting

What are our responsibilities at the ballot box? What does it mean for a vote to be insincere? Do we have an obligation to vote our conscience at the ballot box?
photograph of "Coexist" bumper sticker in back window of a BMW

MAGA, Morality, and the Paradox of Tolerance

Tolerance does not, and cannot, require tolerating intolerant views. And it is not hypocrisy to say so.