photograph of yellow push pin in the center of blue push pins with their spike turned to the yellow one

Under Discussion: Free Speech, Cancel Culture, and Compassion

The harm principle represents the standard for judging others' speech, but it can't tell us what punishment is appropriate or separate good faith from bad faith dialog.
photograph of plants growing between sidewalk cracks

Under Discussion: Weeds Grow in Light and Open Air, Too

Just as tolerance cannot tolerate intolerance, the possibility of free speech must be forcibly maintained and policed according to some limits.
photograph of computer screen displaying Harper's Letter

Under Discussion: Five Arguments Against the Harper’s Letter

Criticism of the letter tends to move far beyond the words on the page. That move is no doubt justified in some circumstances, but perhaps not justified in all.
"Equal Justice Under Law" Supreme Court facade

Does a Post-COVID World Change the Plan for Court-Packing?

Given worries regarding political representation and the Supreme Court, it may be time to reconsider the purpose, function, and makeup of our judges.
photograph of peaceful protest in Sheung Shui district arms raised

Let Hongkongers In

Are there legitimate fears that might explain reluctance to offer those ready to flee Hong Kong safe harbor and a path to citizenship?
photograph of D.C. skyline with Washington Monument at dusk

The Case For and Against D.C. Statehood

What can D.C.'s history tell us about its future prospects for inclusion and its hopes for political representation?
photograph of Meng Wanzhou on a moblie phone at business function

The Ethical Dilemma of Extraditing Meng Wanzhou

Foreign affairs predicaments like this highlight the difficulty in assessing the trade-offs between incomparable values in situations of uncertainty.
photograph of Biden at rally pointing to the crowd

Is Biden Trapped by Identity Politics?

Is identity politics threatening to further fracture our fragile bonds or is it the path to reconciliation?
photograph of Indro Montanelli statue

Indro Montanelli’s Statue and Reckoning with the Past

The ongoing debate over Montanelli's legacy reminds us of the impossibility in fully capturing the complexity of another's life.
photograph of newspaper printing press in operation

Tom Cotton’s Op-Ed and the Aims of the Opinion Page

What obligations might news organizations have to the public in regards to choosing which opinions are fit to print?