photograph of Trump and Zelensky posing for cameras, seated and shaking hands

The Trump/Zelensky Exchange: The “Though” Makes It Quid Pro Quo

Does the transcript exonerate the president as his supporters have claimed? And what's the big deal if it doesn't?
photograph of dust cover of "Going Gonzo" book

The Questionable Morality of Gonzo Journalism

The increasing trend of subjective reporting in journalism blurs the distinction between fact and opinion and threatens to undermine the political process.
photograph of unmarked headstone in cemetery

Should We Celebrate the Death of an Enemy?

What are our responsibilities to those who have caused harm? What are and are not appropriate responses to a fallen foe?
photograph of Trump hugging flag on stage

Is It Wrong to Be a Nationalist?

Trump's embrace of the 'nationalist' label has drawn criticism. Is there any version of nationalism that is defensible?
Image of two human stick-figures arguing

The Free-Speech Defense and a Defense of Free Speech

Mill endorsed free and open debate as a machine capable of refining and reinforcing truth. There were, however, limits. On his view, political correctness is not a restriction of free speech but a basic tenet.
photograph overlooking San Francisco

The California Housing Crisis and Collective Action

California's housing shortage touches on everything: entitlement, privilege, fairness, justice, gentrification, subsidiarity, class conflict and free-riders.
photograph of barbed wire fence with camp in the distance

Racism, Refugees, and the Ripple Effect

Nationalist rhetoric and policies are gaining traction, emboldening others to follow suit, and undermining our collective commitment to human rights.
photograph of "Welcome Home Ilhan" sign held by supporter with others gathered at MSP

The Political Response to Racism: Trump vs. the Squad

How do the political implications of responses like censure complicate the moral scene? What should be our goal in addressing racism?
photograph of Australia High Court building

Does Australia Need a Bill of Rights?

How should we balance concerns for legal flexibility and political representation against the enshrinement of minority rights?
close-up photograph of milkshake

Concrete Milkshakes and the Ethics of Being Wrong on the Internet

Recent circulation of misinformation through media channels highlights a troubling trend regarding belief formation. What does it mean to be a responsible epistemic agent?