photograph of a contemplative Justice Breyer at a speaking engagement

Justice Breyer and Strategic Retirement

We should take a minute to consider all that is being communicated in the push for Breyer to relinquish his post and step down?
photograph of judge in robes

“Politicians in Robes”: Neutrality in the Supreme Court

How can we maintain confidence in the Court given the politicization surrounding it?
photograph of Florida road map

A Challenge to Federalism: Mask Mandates and Subsidiarity

How do we find the proper division of labor between competing claims to authority by federal, state, and local bodies?
photograph of Liz Cheney at Trump inauguration

On the “Canceling” of Liz Cheney

"During the time men live without a common power to keep them all in awe, they are in that condition called war."
photograph of gavel resting on Bill of Rights

Gun Control and Constitutional Interpretation

The Supreme Court's assessment of gun rights has been largely shaped by originalist readings, but that doesn't necessarily settle the debate.
photograph of miniature US flag with blurred background

“Stand Back and Stand By”: The Demands of Loyal Opposition

What role and responsibilities does American democracy assume of the minority party?
photograph of C-SPAN floor vote TV coverage

The Value of Secrecy in Congress

If voting in secret encourages members of Congress to vote their conscience, why shouldn't secret voting be the norm?
black-and-white photograph of U.S. congress in session

The Broader Moral Issue Behind the Filibuster

Is the filibuster the linchpin holding it all together or a relic from a bygone era holding us back?
photograph of the White House at night

When Should We Be Undemocratic?

On what grounds might barring a politician from ever running for public office again be justified?
cartoon image of excited speech bubble

The Cost of Free Speech

Freedoms come with responsibilities and must be balanced against other moral values.