photograph of campus quad with students

Blame and Forgiveness in Student Loan Debt

What do Elizabeth Warren's proposed policies regarding student debt relief say about responsibility and fairness?
bird's eye photograph of Maryland state senate chamber

Is the Filibuster Democratic?

Is a tool used as obstruction to legislation antithetical to the Senate's purpose, or perfectly attuned to it? Is the filibuster the "Soul of the Senate" or the death of democracy?
balck-and-white photograph of protester with "Don't Separate Families" sign

Political Animosity and Estrangement

As politics become more divisive, the family unit risks fracture. How should we balance political convictions and familial ties?
photograph of NRA protesters

Gun Control and the Ethics of Constitutional Rights

The US and New Zealand's positions on gun control could not be farther apart. How have political climates and history shaped these cultural attitudes? What is the substance of the right to bear arms? How broad is its justification?
drawing of sword duel with top-hatted spectators

Online Discourse and the Demand for Civility

The call for civil discourse is often disingenuous, and finding a neutral ground for debate is difficult in practice. What does 'civility' mean, and what does it not mean?
close-up photograph of the boots of four servicepeople

The Ban on Trans Service Members and Injustice of Healthcare Cost...

It's difficult to justify the recent ban on transgender military service with the reasons on offer.
photo of empty studio with debate podiums

Bad Behavior During Political Primaries

From candidates to supporters, what are our duties to support the political process?
photo of ABC "eyewitness news" news van

MAGA Hats, Nathan Phillips, & Journalism in the Social Media Age

The furor sparked by the slanted treatment of Covington High School protesters raises questions about the prospects of objectivity in the days of instant news.
Graffiti image of three happy individuals under communist flag with Vietnam skyline behind

What’s Wrong with State Media?

Recent accusations that Fox News is a propaganda machine might strike some as hyperbole, but there is a real danger in the dwindling line between the government and news organizations.
Photograph of former Starbucks CEO sitting on a stage gesturing with his hands spread

The Politics of Ego

Hyperpartisanship is not helped when potential candidates are seemingly more interested in their egos than their policies.