photograph of pencil lying on 1040 tax form

Fairness in Taxation

Is fairness about treating all alike or being sensitive to each individual's means?
photograph of stuffed Republican elephant and Democrat Donkey face-to-face atop American flag

Should Republicans and Democrats Be Friends?

Can friendship overcome deep moral disagreement? Should it?
photograph of Joe Biden speaking with microphone with American flag in background

Winning Graciously and the Problem with Empathy

President-elect Biden's recent speech calls for unity, and raises questions about the consideration owed to political rivals.
black-and-white photograph of the Capitol building at night

The Day after Election: A Return to Normal?

What does all this longing for days gone by mean for our political future?
photograph of citizens filling out voting ballots with "Vote" sticker on booth

Third-Party Voting in 2020

What are our obligations at the voting booth?
two photographs: 1 of Donald Trump and the other of Silvio Berlusconi speaking at podiums

Trump, Berlusconi, and Double Standards on Tough Questions

The similarities between the two figures raise questions about misogyny and hypocrisy.
photograph of downtown Washington D.C. with Capitol building in background

The Day after Election: Democracy and Good Faith

The pursuit of power for power's sake has reduced politics to a bad faith battle for the people's attention.
photograph of US Capitol building at dawn

The Day after Election: Procedure and Substance

Should government's first obligation be achieving substantive goals or fine-tuning procedural mechanisms? How can these two aims be compared?
photograph of Halloween event at White House with Donald and Melania Trump

Truth and Contradiction, Knowledge and Belief, and Trump

What is 'knowledge' if our politics doesn't even pretend to be concerned with truth?
collage of colorful speech bubbles

In Defense of Mill

Contrary to popular belief, Mill's commitment to speech is capable of distinguishing good faith from bad faith efforts.