black-and-white photograph of U.S. congress in session

The Broader Moral Issue Behind the Filibuster

Is the filibuster the linchpin holding it all together or a relic from a bygone era holding us back?
photograph of the White House at night

When Should We Be Undemocratic?

On what grounds might barring a politician from ever running for public office again be justified?
cartoon image of excited speech bubble

The Cost of Free Speech

Freedoms come with responsibilities and must be balanced against other moral values.
photograph of protestors with "People over Pipelines" sign

Under Discussion: Undermining a Democratic Response

If we are to rise to the challenge presented by climate change, government must again become a tool for facilitating people's ability to act.
computer image of various bar graphs

The Ethics of Presidential Polling

Can we justify the choice to make unofficial presidential polling data available to the masses while the result is still out?
photograph of partial newspaper headlines arranged in a stack

Should News Sites Have Paywalls?

Given the vital democratic role of the fourth estate, we need some way of making fact-based journalism widely available.
photograph of President Trump leaving podium at border wall event

Moral Authority in America

What have these past four years really meant for America's legacy? What is the way forward?
photograph of Capitol building looking up from below

Insurrection at the Capitol: Socratic Lessons on Rhetoric and Truth

The events of January 6th offer yet another history lesson on the power of persuasion and our indifference to truth.
photograph of threatening protestor group with gas masks

How Should One Call It like It Is?

By what standards can we determine the kind of language that is appropriate? How could we possibly reach consensus?
photograph of President Trump's twitter bio displayed on tablet

Trump and the Dangers of Social Media

What responsibility do social media sites have in moderating content and what responsibilities might fall on us, the users?