photograph of "protecting america's seniors" sign next to podium with presidential seal

Is Microtargeting Good for Democracy?

A tool for political inclusion may simply be a way to stoke division.
photograph of President Trump with face mask giving thimbs up from within SUV

Medical Privacy and the Public’s Right to Know

How can we determine when public interest should trump politician's personal rights?
image of hand placing checked ballot in ballot box

Under Discussion: Voting Best Interests and Democratic Legitimacy

How can we ever divine a political mandate from the jumbled voices and contradictory preferences we find in the ballot box?
photograph of people in voting booths

Under Discussion: Is It Rational to Be an Ignorant Voter?

What does it take to fulfill one's duty to participate in democratic elections?
photograph of protesters occupying Brookyln Bridge

Under Discussion: Democracy Demands More than Your Vote

The obligations of a democratic citizen extend beyond registering a presidential preference every four years.
photograph of wooden pins representing peoplewith majority in support and a handful opposed

Under Discussion: Are Liberalism and Democracy Fundamentally at Odds?

US democracy has always been about striking the proper balance between individual freedoms and the popular will.
photograph of huge crowd from above, many with arms raised

Under Discussion: A Dearth of Democracy

The opportunity to register one's political preferences (especially at the federal level) is small, and only getting smaller.
photograph of an "I tried to vote today" sticker

Under Discussion: Consent of the Governed? Obstacles to Free and Fair...

Given that the people's voice grants government legitimacy, the authority of American democracy is under threat.
photograph of "Vote" written on chalkboard with drawing of American flag

Considered Position: Flawed Democracy – Voter Participation

What is required in order for our government to represent the people's will?
photograph of Trump and Judge Barrett at nomination ceremony

Confirming Amy Coney Barrett: Against Secularism or For Religious Freedom?

Is faith underrepresented on the bench, and are critics of the president's nomination guilty of discrimination against the religious?