Photograph of President Trump looking at a book with other people gathered

Why You are Wrong to Donate to the #BorderWall GoFundMe Campaign

Opinion: The GoFundMe campaign supporting the building of the proposed border wall has some fundamental philosophical problems.
"Different Pigs," by Arran Moffatt licensed under CC BY 2.0 (Via Flickr).

The Triumph of California’s Impure Prop. 12

This article focuses on California's recent passing of Proposition 12, or the "Farm Animal Confinement Initiative" and if it truly is doing enough to protect animals.
Photograph of two tabloid magazines with headlines about Hilary Clinton, dated "election eve," 2016

The Danger of Endorsing Political Conspiracies

Political conspiracies can be laughably absurd, but what does it mean when they're so prevalent? How damaging can conspiracies be?
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Hyper-partisanship and Centrism in Modern Political Discourse

How do we move forward politically in a hyper-partisan society? How can we be centrist when there is so much people disagree on?
photograph of all the women save Senator Mary Landrieu on the US Senate in 2013

Women, Representation, Revolution

There are more women than ever up for election during this year's midterms. If many of them succeed, what might change?
"Governor Wolf Gives Remarks Regarding Pittsburgh Shooting and Participates in Vigil" by Governor Tom Wolf licensed under CC BY 2.0 (via Flickr).

The Pittsburgh Shooting and Secondary Anti-Semitism

In the wake of the mass murder at a Pittsburgh synagogue, this article explores Secondary Antisemitism as a form of erasure of the struggles of jewish people and its connection to this attack.
photograph of Mississippi senator Cindy Hyde-Smith and Brett Kavanaugh smiling while sitting on a couch

Opinion: Kavanaugh Was the Wrong Choice

Even after Kavanaugh's confirmation, the decision is controversial.
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On Supposed Harm

The supposed harm to accused men seems to be superseding the real harm done to women.
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Himpathy: The (Pre-emptive) Word of the Year

What does it mean to have "himpathy," and how does this societal phenomenon affect survivors of sexual assault? This article uses the recent nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Senate hearings to explore this topic.
Photograph of Brett Kavanaugh with his hand raised in anger

Sexual Abuse and the Rhetoric of Powerful Men

Men in power are used to getting their way through tactics like rhetoric.