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Impeachment Hearings and Changing Your Mind

Fact-finding endeavors like the impeachment hearings highlight our inability to keep an open mind. From confirmation bias to selective perception, we possess all sorts of bulwarks for our beliefs.
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Under Discussion: Weeds Grow in Light and Open Air, Too

Just as tolerance cannot tolerate intolerance, the possibility of free speech must be forcibly maintained and policed according to some limits.
photograph of wooden pins representing peoplewith majority in support and a handful opposed

Under Discussion: Are Liberalism and Democracy Fundamentally at Odds?

US democracy has always been about striking the proper balance between individual freedoms and the popular will.
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The Broader Moral Issue Behind the Filibuster

Is the filibuster the linchpin holding it all together or a relic from a bygone era holding us back?
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In Washington, D.C., A March Against Fear

At the March For Our Lives, young people stood front and center in the fight against gun violence in America.
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Online Discourse and the Demand for Civility

The call for civil discourse is often disingenuous, and finding a neutral ground for debate is difficult in practice. What does 'civility' mean, and what does it not mean?
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Bloomberg: Biasing Elections With Billions

Self-funding one's political campaign seems like a noble endeavor, but it also raises a host of concerns.
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The Dangerous Allure of Conspiracy Theories

What is it about us and our politics that makes us so susceptible to tales of enchantment and intrigue?
two photographs: 1 of Donald Trump and the other of Silvio Berlusconi speaking at podiums

Trump, Berlusconi, and Double Standards on Tough Questions

The similarities between the two figures raise questions about misogyny and hypocrisy.
A photo of Barack Obama speaking behind a podium.

Was Obama Truly a Post-Racial President?

Despite Barack Obama's attempts to brand himself as a post-racial president, Gabriel Andrade argues that the first black presidency fell victim to the identity politics damaging American society.