photograph of newspaper printing press in operation

Tom Cotton’s Op-Ed and the Aims of the Opinion Page

What obligations might news organizations have to the public in regards to choosing which opinions are fit to print?
photograph of street traffic leading up to US Capitol building

Considered Position: Flawed Democracy – Disenfranchisement

No taxation without representation? Many still have no way of having their political voice recognized.
photograph of President Trump's twitter bio displayed on tablet

Trump and the Dangers of Social Media

What responsibility do social media sites have in moderating content and what responsibilities might fall on us, the users?
An image of a protest outside a Washington Redskins football game.

From the Field to the Podium, Appropriating Native American Culture

Appropriation of Native American culture is not only limited to the football field.
Kamala Harris giving a speech, smiling and speaking into microphones, with people crowded around

The Deeper Significance of Women Presidential Candidates

Though American politics may seem more divided than ever, it's important to note the changes still taking place.

Conscientious Exemption, Reasonable Accommodation, and Dianne Hensley

How should we respond when the right to conscientious exemption runs up against the right to reasonable accommodation?
photograph of a fountain pen and a signature on yellow paper.

Under Discussion: On Cancelling “Cancel Culture”

What are all the sources that might imbue a thing with meaning, and how might we separate our endorsement of any one of those strands from the thing as a whole?
photograph of people in voting booths

Under Discussion: Is It Rational to Be an Ignorant Voter?

What does it take to fulfill one's duty to participate in democratic elections?
photograph of miniature US flag with blurred background

“Stand Back and Stand By”: The Demands of Loyal Opposition

What role and responsibilities does American democracy assume of the minority party?
Drawing of men voting and people crowded outside a window

Should Political Apparel be Allowed in Polling Places?

Voting used to be a dangerous process, but is it now too controlled?