photograph of C-SPAN floor vote TV coverage

The Value of Secrecy in Congress

If voting in secret encourages members of Congress to vote their conscience, why shouldn't secret voting be the norm?
Image of students with banner that reads "We are not safe"

DePauw in The Trump Era: Has Trump Influenced Racist Incidents on...

The racist occurrences on DePauw's campus do not take place in a vacuum.
bird's eye photograph of Maryland state senate chamber

Is the Filibuster Democratic?

Is a tool used as obstruction to legislation antithetical to the Senate's purpose, or perfectly attuned to it? Is the filibuster the "Soul of the Senate" or the death of democracy?
photograph of pile of "Vote" buttons

The Case for Epistocratic Democracy

Do we, as voters, have an obligation to be informed? Where could such a duty come from? Who might we owe it to?
close-up photograph of bank seal on banknote

Modern Monetary Theory, Taxation, and Democracy

What happens when government budgets become spending plans rather than balance sheets?
black-and-white photograph of the Capitol building at night

The Day after Election: A Return to Normal?

What does all this longing for days gone by mean for our political future?