photograph of interior of Canada's House of Commons

A Pause on Rights: Canada’s Constitutional Clause

Which body is the best arbiter of individual rights and the people's will: Congress or the courts?
image of speech bubbles surrounding iphone outline

Should Speech Have Consequences?

On what grounds can we justify punishing others for their objectionable views? When might sanctions do more harm than good?
photograph looking up at Statue of Liberty

“Cruel Optimism,” Minimum Wage, and the Good Life

Hollow rhetoric and empty promises keep an ever-elusive payday always on the horizon.
photograph of Matt Hancock delivering press briefing

Do Politicians Have a Right to Privacy?

Are Matt Hancock's transgressions enough to overcome the presumption in favor of upholding one's individual rights?
photograph of a patchwork ofnational flags sewn together

On Patriotism

What does our fidelity to the nation in which we live require? What can it not demand?
photograph of Machiavelli statue

The Politically Great and the Morally Good

Should we really prefer a virtuous leader when it comes to getting the job done?
image of disconnected US states

What Arguments for the Electoral College Really Show

Meaningful voting reform starts by considering what constitutes a legitimate deviation from One Person, One Vote.
black-and-white photograph of Texas State Capitol Building

The Texas Heartbeat Act and Linguistic Clarity

Too little and too much meaning survives the leap from the medical context to the political.
photograph of the lighted front of the Metropolitan museum of art at night

What Hypocrisy Tells Us

Should the character flaws and personal failings of the messenger impact our reception of the message?
photograph of Boris Johnson making a face

Boris Johnson and the Hypocrisy of Lawmakers

Why does political position and institutional power make infractions worse?