Pop Culture

photograph of Disney castle

Gay Representation and ‘Onward’

Corporations often try to brand themselves as inclusive and progressive, but is there any substance behind these labels or is it all just marketing?
photograph of women shoplifting makeup

Can Shoplifting Be Activism?

A new movement has developed around shoplifting as an anti-corporate political protest. Does it work? Can it?
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Unpacking Our Guilty Pleasures

There are a multitude of pleasures that we might feel bad about engaging in, but not all activities carry the same moral weight. And many are not simply a private affair.

The Good Place and the Good Life

NBC's show explores all manner of philosophical quandary, but focuses especially on the meaning of life and the morality in mortality.
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Christmas Music and Emotional Manipulation

Songs like Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas" attempt to harness holiday sentiment to support charitable causes. Should they?
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The Jezebel Stereotype and Hip-Hop

Are black female artists fueling the jezebel stereotype or attempting to reclaim the narrative surrounding their sexuality?
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“OK Boomer” and the Generational Divide

Battle lines are being drawn, but what is the generational conflict really all about?
photograph of Ellen Degeneres relaxing on couch

Ellen, George W. Bush, and the Duty to Be Kind

Ellen has defended herself against recent public backlash by asserting a basic obligation to be kind to others. What might this duty entail? What might be its limits?
Drawing of Kanye West in profile

Should POC Forgive Kanye?

What might Kanye need absolution for, who might he need it from, and are they inclined to grant it?
Image of "CANCELLED" stamp in red

Busch Light and Carson King: The Good and the Bad of...

The Carson King saga is just the latest chapter in the debate on the value of cancel culture. Is public shaming on social media about anything more than exposure?