Pop Culture

photograph of mural of DC superheroes

What It Means to Be a Hero

Superheroes are the embodiment a host of norms and ideals that say a lot (deliberately or not) about what we think and believe.
photograph of silhouetted figure shining flashlight at light source in the night sky

UFOs and Hume on Miracles

Hume cautions us about believing others when their claims are unbelievable.
photograph of Bill and Melinda Gates

Public Divorces and Media Privacy

Does the public have any overriding interest in knowing every sordid detail concerning the lives of the rich and famous?
headshot photograph of elon musk in a tux

Saturday Night Live and the Humanization of Elon Musk

Can the show maintain its critical edge while offering controversial figures a platform?
photograph of two young women of different attitudes

“Not Like Other Girls” and Internalized Misogyny

Efforts to break with sexist norms can sometimes reinforce the harmful structure they seek to escape.
photograph of rollercoaster at dusk

Art, Death, and Experience

A piece of conceptual art challenges our traditional understanding of death with an aim of reinvention.
photograph of neon Cecil Hotel sign

The Ethics of Dark Tourism

Might we have a moral obligation not to trivialize the suffering of others?
image of black lipstick kiss on white background

Can Hyperfemininity Be Radical?

Is there progress regarding sexual politics that can be made by leaning into the male gaze?
photograph of upset audiency members in a movie theater

The Ethics of Cringe

What can cringe culture tell us about social norms, self-awareness, and moral shaming?
photograph of Alec and Hilaria Baldwin at event

Hilaria Baldwin and Fake Identities

What can the case of Hilaria Baldwin tell us about cultural appropriation and passing as other?