Pop Culture

Rap Culture’s Effect on Mental Health

Rapper Kid Cudi recently went public with his mental health struggles, prompting discussion on the effects that hypermasculine and racialized rap culture can have on mental health.
"McDonald's #1 Store Museum, Des Plaines, Ill." by Jerry Huddleston liscened under CC BY 2.0 (via Flickr).

The Moral Trap of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

McDonald's recently rereleased their Szechuan Sauce, but not widely enough to satisfy all fans. The aftermath of extreme customer dissatisfaction offers lessons about the role of nostalgia.
photograph of cain statue

Unpacking Our Guilty Pleasures

There are a multitude of pleasures that we might feel bad about engaging in, but not all activities carry the same moral weight. And many are not simply a private affair.
Photograph of southern quad and Morrissey Hall at the University of Notre Dame

Misogyny, ‘Purity,’ and Leggings at Notre Dame

Many of our ideas about 'modesty' and 'purity' are rooted in misogyny, as recent events at the University of Notre Dame help to illustrate.
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Can Hyperfemininity Be Radical?

Is there progress regarding sexual politics that can be made by leaning into the male gaze?
photograph of framed polaroid of Caroline Calloway

Deceptive Vulnerability: Caroline Calloway and the “Unlikeable Woman”

Brand-building is taking on the guise of genuine openness. What's the harm? How should we respond when vulnerability obscures more than it reveals?
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The Ethics of Protest Trolling

Can this kind of intentional interference be defended as legitimate activism?
A photo of Louis CK at an awards ceremony

Is it O.K. to Watch Louis C.K.?

As more allegations of sexual misconduct among Hollywood elite like Louis C.K. continue to appear, how should we approach their artwork?
photograph of women shoplifting makeup

Can Shoplifting Be Activism?

A new movement has developed around shoplifting as an anti-corporate political protest. Does it work? Can it?
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Santa Clarita Diet and Moral Imperfectionism

The show examines a host of philosophical issues in utilitarian and feminist terms, and even has something to say about non-ideal theory.