Pop Culture

A photo of Louis CK at an awards ceremony

Is it O.K. to Watch Louis C.K.?

As more allegations of sexual misconduct among Hollywood elite like Louis C.K. continue to appear, how should we approach their artwork?
"Kevin Spacey" by Paul Hudson liscensed under CC BY 2.0 (via Flickr)

The Dangers Posed by Kevin Spacey’s Coming Out

With mounting allegations of sexual assault against Kevin Spacey, how are we to interpret his coming out in response?
An old snapshot of Hugh Hefner smoking a pipe.

Should Hugh Hefner be Buried Next to Marilyn Monroe?

The founder of Playboy has remained controversial even in death - especially as he will be buried next to Marilyn Monroe, without obtaining her consent.

Rap Culture’s Effect on Mental Health

Rapper Kid Cudi recently went public with his mental health struggles, prompting discussion on the effects that hypermasculine and racialized rap culture can have on mental health.

“Okay Ladies, Now Let’s Get in Formation”

Beyonce's new song "Formation" along with her Super Bowl Performance have sparked conversation regarding racial tensions in America. Why is America so suprised that Beyonce is black?

#OscarsSoWhite: The Academy Award Controversy

Oscar nominations have been announced, and for the second year year in a row, all the acting nominees are white. This has raised controversy, especially...

Zombie Nativity Scene

A Cincinnati, Ohio suburb is fighting over a zombie themed nativity scene at a private residence. Jasen Dixon and his family operate a haunted...

The Sports “Race”

Cultural appropriation does not simply apply to Halloween costumes and racial slurs. The world of sports is currently attempting to wade the waters of race.

The Cost of Fast Fashion

The past thirty years have seen a rise in “fast fashion” – a system of mass production that “refers to cheap, trendy, and popular...

Migrant Chic?

Hungarian photographer Norbert Baska sparked wild controversy with his new series "Der Migrant", featuring Syrian migrants in high couture.