Pop Culture

The Sports “Race”

Cultural appropriation does not simply apply to Halloween costumes and racial slurs. The world of sports is currently attempting to wade the waters of race.

The Cost of Fast Fashion

The past thirty years have seen a rise in “fast fashion” – a system of mass production that “refers to cheap, trendy, and popular...

Migrant Chic?

Hungarian photographer Norbert Baska sparked wild controversy with his new series "Der Migrant", featuring Syrian migrants in high couture.

Caitlyn’s Costume Controversy

Spirit Halloween released a costume for Halloween 2015 in the likeness of Caitlin Jenner’s Vanity Fair magazine cover. The immediate reaction of many was one of disgust, feeling that the costume was mocking the former Olympian and her recent transition. Others were concerned that the costume perpetuates a transphobic view.

Animated Television: A Boys’ Club?

Why are cartoon producers driving female viewers away from their shows?

Incarceration: The Guided Tour

In the age of Orange is the New Black, prison tourism stands to redefine the ethical tourist.

“The Briefcase”: Is Awareness Enough?

For "altruism porn" shows like "The Briefcase," is raising awareness justification enough?

The Deterioration of TV News

This Guest Author post by Dr. Jeff McCall was originally published in The Indy Star on April 24, 2015. NBC’s high-profile anchor, Brian Williams, has...

Cultural Appropriation in Entertainment

Cultural appropriation is when a dominant group adapts the customs of a minority group and tries to trademark them as their own in an...

Review: Jupiter Ascending is Ridiculous yet Thought-Provoking

Though overwhelmingly panned in reviews (a critic from The Observer called it "utter nonsense"), Jupiter Rising was a remarkably thought-provoking film. For all of its excess, it raised...