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headshot photograph of elon musk in a tux

Saturday Night Live and the Humanization of Elon Musk

Can the show maintain its critical edge while offering controversial figures a platform?
photograph of Bill and Melinda Gates

Public Divorces and Media Privacy

Does the public have any overriding interest in knowing every sordid detail concerning the lives of the rich and famous?
photograph of silhouetted figure shining flashlight at light source in the night sky

UFOs and Hume on Miracles

Hume cautions us about believing others when their claims are unbelievable.
photograph of mural of DC superheroes

What It Means to Be a Hero

Superheroes are the embodiment a host of norms and ideals that say a lot (deliberately or not) about what we think and believe.
photograph of crowd of paparazzi cameras at event

On “Dog-Wagging” News: Why What “Lots of People” Say Isn’t Newsworthy

Focusing public attention on any one thing inevitably means exercising discretion. How does one wield it responsibly?
photograph of shelves of shirts in shrinkwrap

Fast Fashion Isn’t the Fashion Industry’s Only Problem

Our addiction to cheap, disposable clothing is unsustainable, and the bill is coming due.
black-and-white photograph of glamorous woman looking in mirror

Praise and Resentment: The Moral of ‘Bad Art Friend’

Is there a basic truth, fundamental fact, or obvious lesson that might be hiding behind all this pettiness?
image of repeating error windows

The Ethics of Protest Trolling

Can this kind of intentional interference be defended as legitimate activism?