Preparing for Pope Francis’ U.S. Visit

Pope Francis will be visiting the United States. What can we expect from his visit?

Pope Francis Reconsiders Excommunication for Abortions

This week, Pope Francis gave local priests the ability to lift excommunications. Is this a gesture of opening or a ploy for followers?

Spas and Pilgrims in Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi was known for his minimalistic lifestyle. Yet today, Assisi has seen an influx of luxury spas and resorts. How does this balance out?

Islamophobia and a Shooting in Chattanooga

He had a "Muslim name." He may have been depressed. Perhaps he was using drugs and alcohol. He visited Jordan in 2014. He had...

Communion of a Different Kind

Indiana's First Church of Cannabis reveals the tensions between religious practice and the federal government.

Mes Aynak’s Intrinsic Cultural Value

One of the many reasons that weighing ethical dilemmas is such a challenge is because we're often faced with a conflict between measurable and immeasurable value. We see this often...

A New Life: Worth the Risk?

In recent years, immigration to Italy and other parts of the Mediterranean from Africa and the Middle East has increased significantly. Immigrants are determined...

Banning Beef in India

In the most recent election in India, the Hindu Nationalist Party (BJP) won. In the state of Maharashtra, the new government has banned the possession...

Ethics in 5: Printerns on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Every week, the Prindle Intern team weighs in on an ethical issue together. Each intern is challenged to keep their response to five sentences...

Indiana Controversies Continue: New Developments in the Abortion Debate

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