World Affairs

photograph of African children posing with white volunteers

Voluntourism and the Problem with Good Intentions

The voluntourism business is booming, but under what conditions are outsiders a genuine help and not an unwelcome burden?
photograph of empty ship helm

Clifford and the Coronavirus

(Mis)Management of the virus raises important questions about belief-formation and accountability.
photograph of groups of people walking on busy street wearing protective masks

To Wear a Mask or Not during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Even in the absence of certainty, there are still compelling reasons to bear minor costs in order to reap potentially great rewards.
photograph of bright empty classroom

Reflections of a Teacher during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Policy decisions and institutional design have a lot to say about the value we place on education and the components we deem necessary for its delivery.
photograph of hands exchanging a one hundred dollar banknote

Moral Distinctions between Crisis Capitalizers

What characteristics might reveal the difference between profiting during a crisis and profiting off of one?
photograph of an empty office looking out over city

The Short- and Long-Term Ethical Issues of Working from Home

The return of pre-industrial working conditions promises upheaval. What challenges should we expect? What gains might we hope for?
photograph of teenagers at corwded concert on the beach

Moral Panics about “COVID Parties”

We need to communicate risks and encourage compliance, but sensationalization threatens to undue whatever gains we might make.

The Moral Challenges of Opening Up Schools During the Pandemic

There may be no ideal one-size-fits-all solution for schools reopening, but that doesn't mean that all plans are equal.
photograph of large crowd walking through strip mall

Individualism in the Time of COVID: The Rights and Wrongs of...

Whose rights are at stake when businesses require patrons to don face masks? How should we define the boundaries of our individual freedom?
photograph of four Uighur women, one with a baby

Uighur Genocide and the Wrong of Population Control

Genocide can take any number of forms, but how do we capture the unique moral harm perpetrated by programs targeting children?