World Affairs

image of iphone indicating nearby infections

The Quandary of Contact Tracing Tech

Different governments' contact tracing strategies raise important questions about public health and personal privacy.
photograph of someone casting off face mask

The Small but Unsettling Voice of the Expert Skeptic

When even our experts disagree how can we locate the proper balance between skepticism, agnosticism, and justified belief?
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COVID-19 to Climate Change: Who Can Act?

The concerted effort required to overcome our current predicament is a proving ground for the battle that still awaits us.
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Conspiracy Theories and Emotions in the Time of Coronavirus

We need to rethink our relation to the news; the common ways we acquire and share information is tapping into some of our worst impulses.
photograph of conveyor line at meat-packing plant

Stories of Vulnerability: COVID-19 in Slaughterhouses

The current crisis has provided a new context to evaluate our relationship to meat and the machinery that produces it. Can we justify the cost of this "vital" labor?
photograph of Djokovic on stage at mic with trophy in front of packed stadium

Novak Djokovic and the Expectations of Celebrity

Do the responsibilities of celebrity extend to keeping some of their opinions to themselves? Must they play by a different set of rules than the general public?
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Figleaves, Bothsidesing, and the Ethics of Implication

The disconnect between semantic and pragmatic meaning hides all sorts of political motive and epistemic claims.
painting symbolizing Manifest Destiny

The Problem and Potential of Provincialism

History, geography, and politics have conspired to keep most Americans sheltered from the outside world. This has worked both to our benefit and our detriment.
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Utilitarian Arguments During COVID: A Symptom, Not the Answer

The question of where we are, how we got here, and what we should do now is more complex than our current conversation admits.
black and white photograph of aboriginal dwelling

The Question of Genocide in Australian History

Translating the moral wrong of genocide into the legal language of law requires revisiting our colonial past.