World Affairs

photograph of empty shelves at a grocery store

The Ethics of Panic Hoarding

Defining what "reasonable" looks like in times of crisis can be extremely difficult, but managing dramatic shifts in supply and demand requires us to continue to think of others.

Are We Overreacting? Coronavirus in Context

When faced with an adversary like COVID-19, we seem destined to look for grander strategies of response. But sometimes the simplest steps are the most potent.
3d rendering of bacteria under a microscope

Infodemics and Good Epistemic Hygiene

With the overwhelming amount of (mis)information circulating on social media, it becomes vitally important that all of us be working from the same set of facts.
photograph of dead field of crops

Human Rights in the Age of Ecological Breakdown

The language of human rights is ill-equipped to handle the ecological change we are experiencing. How must our practice evolve?
photograph of green board game piece isolated from huddled, red board game pieces

Institutions’ Right to Block: ICAO vs. Taiwan

What might justify an organization or government's wielding of exclusionary power? What does it mean to be removed from the conversation?
image of aged Rising Sun flag

Rising Sun Flag: Symbol of Hate or Cultural Pride?

Japan has claimed that the Rising Sun flag is not a political statement, but what other meaning can a flag have? And who gets to say what a flag symbolizes?
photograph of protest in front of police station

Strategic Nonviolence: An Alternative to Moral Pacifism

Political protest can take many forms. While civil resistance is often thought to rally under a single banner, the aims and means of demonstration can be markedly different.
close-up photograph of Australia on globe

No Country for Indigenous Men?

The case of Daniel Love and Brendon Thoms asks difficult questions about immigration: Is the world comprised only of citizens and aliens? Can two of Australia's First People be deported for not having citizenship?
image of world map with flags indiciating national boundaries

Transactionalism in U.S. Foreign Policy

The Trump-Ukraine scandal is just the most recent example of the transactional stance the U.S. has taken with regard to foreign aid. What implications might this shift have for the global community?
photograph of seawatch3

Pia Klemp and The Ethics of Migrant Taxiing

Pia Klemp's rescue of refugees in the Mediterranean has garnered praise as well as punishment. What do such actions deserve?