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Photograph of a long row of dark green tents

The Ethics of Deterrence: Australian Offshore Immigration Detention

The U.S. isn't the only country with controversial and dangerous immigration policies. Those of Australia have gone on for over 5 years.
Photograph of Palais des Nations building with flags in two columns in front of it

Is the Global Citizenship Movement the New “White Man’s Burden”?

What does it mean to be a global citizen, and is it an inherently good thing?

South Sudan’s Famine and the Moral Relevance of Distance

Should we make decisions on humanitarian aid based on the proximity of those afflicted?

Harm Reduction, Moral Relativism, and Female Genital Mutilation

Formulating strategies to address female genital mutilation largely depend on the philosophical underpinnings guiding them.

What Happened at Ramjas: Tyranny of the Nation

The violent protests at India's Ramjas College have as much to do with nationalism as they do free speech.

What Happened at Ramjas : A Voiceless India

Violent protests at India's Ramjas College have threatened the role of free speech in Indian society.

Does the United States Steal Nurses from the Developing World?

Nurses from developing countries often leave for jobs in the United States or the United Kingdom, leaving the healthcare systems of their home countries struggling.

When Oppressors Repent, Who Deserves Forgiveness?

As leaders of Augosto Pinochet's dictatorial government repent, questions linger about the role of forgiveness in the face of oppression.

Identity and Pluralism in Merkel’s Call to Ban the Veil

What does Merkel's proposed full-face veil ban say about Germany's commitment to religious and cultural pluralism?

Trump and the Latin American Left: Strange Bedfellows

Back in July, during the Republican National Convention, some strange images circulated on the internet. Some tough-looking, blue eyed, blond cowboys, held signs with...