photograph of Aaron Rogers in football uniform with helmet

Aaron Rodgers, “Critical Thinking,” and Intellectual Humility

How do we distinguish between healthy epistemic habits and virtues and those which are unhealthy?

Individual Rights, Collective Interests, and Vaccine Mandates

Is there any justifying the state's strong-arming and bullying in the name of its citizens' public health?
photograph of masked passengers on subway

Vaccine Hesitancy as Free-Riding

A not insignificant portion of the unvaccinated continue to confound us in their refusal to acknowledge the basic demands of fairness.
photograph of COVID immunization card

Are Vaccines Passports Ethical?

Are we justified in constraining some people's rights so that others might enjoy a return to normal?
photograph of elderly man masked in waiting room

COVID Vaccines and Primary Care

Are doctors violating their professional code in choosing who they will or will not treat, or, as always, simply minimizing their patients' risk and possible harm?
cartoon image of scorpion on frogs back

Aesop and the Unvaccinated: On Messaging and Rationality

Too much time is devoted to finger-pointing and name-calling, while not enough attention is paid to what goes into the message.
photograph of military personnel receiving shot

Medical Challenge Trials: Time to Embrace the Challenge?

Are there any good moral reasons for refusing to experiment with willing participants in the face of an emergency?
photograph of masked man amongst blurred crowd

An End to Pandemic Precautions?

How can we decide which precautions we should carry with us and which are better left behind?
photograph of Uncle Same "We Want You!" poster

Time for Social Conscription?

The pandemic has offered a compelling backdrop for considering the institution of a national service program.
photograph of woman in masking looking at reflection in the window

Can You Be a Different Person After the Pandemic?

When we talk about human growth and personality change, what do we really mean?