photograph of vaccine waiting line

Underrepresentation in Clinical Trials and COVID-19

Our dedication to the value of efficiency means that the historically marginalized stay marginalized.
image of anti-vaxx protestor

Why Anti-Vaxxers Are (Kind of) Like Marxists

The co-commitments of abortion-based anti-vaccine rhetoric seem to produce untenable results.
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Scarce Goods and Rationalization

We're getting awfully good at spinning selfishness as altruism.
photograph of covid vaccination ampoules

Incentivizing the Vaccine-Hesitant

Should our vaccination strategy be aimed at changing hearts and minds or merely changing behavior?
photograph of couple presenting passport

The Ethics of Vaccination Passports

The coronavirus has exposed and exacerbated all sorts of inequalities. A new policy proposal only compounds the problem.
photograph of woman with face mask sitting in large, empty street dining area

Time to Let Up or Double Down?

Even with vaccination rollout underway, it's still too early to consider the long-anticipated return to normal.
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Why I Am Not like You: The Ethics of Exceptions

When it comes to coronavirus regulations, what relevant considerations might make some exempt from the general rule?
photograph of full subway car with half of the passengers unmasked

The Bigger Problem with “COVID Conga Lines”

In this together? What can the rights and responsibilities of Dewey's public tell us about our current predicament?
photograph of protester holding sign reading: "Freedom from Tyranny Don't Tread on Me" in front of State building

The Moral Need for Public Conversation about Rights in a Pandemic...

The 'folk' conception of rights is a major obstacle to combating the pandemic. Perhaps it's time we had a talk about the limits of personal liberty.
image of 2021 with vaccine vial and syringe representing two of the numbers

Duties to Vaccinate, Duties to Inform

How might we best communicate the science to those who remain skeptical? What role do each of us have to play?