photograph of silhoutted man leaning against boulder at dawn

A Boulder Rolls Downhill

When something like a virus strikes and jars us from the pacifying monotony of our daily lives, it's easy to be confronted by the Absurd. How should we respond?
photograph of empty lecture hall

Further Questions for Universities Closed by COVID-19

The unexpected and rapid migration of college courses to digital platforms is bound to bring difficulties.
image of World Health Organization emblem

“Chinese Virus”? On the Ethics of Coronavirus Nicknames

The WHO has moved away from including origin in the naming convention for diseases, and they've done so for good reasons.
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The Politicization of Disease

The current pandemic is but another opportunity to observe the perennial conflict between private interest and public good.
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To My Fellow Students and Our Institutions:

Just as in the case of climate change, it seems we have a difficult time organizing to combat an unseen threat. Is education the answer?
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Swamping, Epistemic Trespassing, and Coronavirus

With just one news story occupying so much of our attention, we become more susceptible to manipulation.
photograph of empty cots in a medical tent

The Ethics of Triage

What principles can we lean on when making weighing need against prognosis? How should uncertainty and scarcity of resources change our decision-making?
photogaph of barbed wire around prison building

Re-Thinking Mass Incarceration: COVID-19 in Jails and Prisons

Prisons are a hotbed for spreading infectious disease, and we've changed policies to accommodate this fact. But these changes should also make us reconsider how they function in normal circumstances.
photograph of diverse crowd waiting in line

Responding to Crisis: Individuals versus Income

When it comes to government benefits (like the COVID-19 relief package) what does a fair distribution look like?
photograph of Trump answering questions at press briefing with Vice President Pence and Dr. Fauci one either side

Coronavirus Briefings: Virtue in Ignorance?

Do news outlets have a responsibility to relay White House briefings in full or has analysis and commentary become essential to communicating the facts?