blurred photograph of crowded hospital waiting room

Emergency Rationing in Italy

Decisions regarding rationing and triage under condition of scarcity and uncertainty will require that we get clear on our basic principles and values.
photograph of well-dressed youth shopping in grocery store with cart

Economic Privilege and Prepping in a Pandemic

Preparedness might be a virtue, but we all may have a moral duty not to deviate too wildly from our traditional products and past purchases in times of crisis.
black and white photograph of old and young hands touching

Panic Buying and the Virtue of Compassion

Trying times test us physically, emotionally, and morally., but it's important to remember that we are not alone.
photograph of empty shelves at a grocery store

The Ethics of Panic Hoarding

Defining what "reasonable" looks like in times of crisis can be extremely difficult, but managing dramatic shifts in supply and demand requires us to continue to think of others.
photograph of gate to school with "SCHOOL CLOSED" sign

The Moral Case for University Closure

Universities and colleges have an obligation to their faculty, staff, students, as well as the larger communities they inhabit to slow the spread of disease.

Are We Overreacting? Coronavirus in Context

When faced with an adversary like COVID-19, we seem destined to look for grander strategies of response. But sometimes the simplest steps are the most potent.
3d rendering of bacteria under a microscope

Infodemics and Good Epistemic Hygiene

With the overwhelming amount of (mis)information circulating on social media, it becomes vitally important that all of us be working from the same set of facts.