photograph of covid vaccine ampules

COVID-19 Vaccines and Drug Patent Laws

COVID-19 is putting increased pressure on our ability to justify medical patents.
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Considered Position: On Voluntary Non-Vaccination – Real World Complications

How might access to information change our obligation to the unvaccinated?
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Considered Position: On Voluntary Non-Vaccination – Types of Reasons

Depending on the justification, we might still have an obligation to curb behavior in order to protect the unvaccinated.
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Considered Position: On Voluntary Non-Vaccination – The Difference Voluntariness Makes

Does the fact that vaccination is widely available change our moral situation in respect to those who remain unvaccinated?
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AstraZeneca, Blood Clots, and Media Reporting

What public health role does might the media have an obligation to play in the midst of a pandemic?
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Underrepresentation in Clinical Trials and COVID-19

Our dedication to the value of efficiency means that the historically marginalized stay marginalized.
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Why Anti-Vaxxers Are (Kind of) Like Marxists

The co-commitments of abortion-based anti-vaccine rhetoric seem to produce untenable results.
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Scarce Goods and Rationalization

We're getting awfully good at spinning selfishness as altruism.
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Incentivizing the Vaccine-Hesitant

Should our vaccination strategy be aimed at changing hearts and minds or merely changing behavior?
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The Ethics of Vaccination Passports

The coronavirus has exposed and exacerbated all sorts of inequalities. A new policy proposal only compounds the problem.