Color-coded chart showing the risk of covid-19 in UK

The Moral Pitfalls of Color-Coded Coronavirus Warning Systems

As states re-open, risk is frequently presented in a four-tiered color-coded chart. That chart doesn't present meaningful data or allow us to understand risk: it's a false sense of security.
A box of hydroxychloroquine sulphate tablets held by a hand with coronavirus written in background

Hydroxychloroquine and the Ethical Pitfalls of Private Science

The retraction of three papers on treating COVID-19 with hydroxychloroquine reflect a crisis in the scientific community: how to handle data from private companies. What reforms are necessary to avoid such data-based scandals in the future?
photograph of figurine of the patron saint of lost causes

Pandemic Beliefs and Lost Causes

Speaking only to one's faithful followers is not an effective strategy for solving collective action problems, but it takes a good deal of courage to not give up.
photograph of blurred pedestrians crossing intersection

Slow and Steady Wins the Race; or, How Not To Confuse...

The virtue of patience is being replaced by expediency. But what marks the appropriate time to sidestep procedure?
image of iphone indicating nearby infections

The Quandary of Contact Tracing Tech

Different governments' contact tracing strategies raise important questions about public health and personal privacy.
photograph of someone casting off face mask

The Small but Unsettling Voice of the Expert Skeptic

When even our experts disagree how can we locate the proper balance between skepticism, agnosticism, and justified belief?
photograph of national flags flying at UN

COVID-19 to Climate Change: Who Can Act?

The concerted effort required to overcome our current predicament is a proving ground for the battle that still awaits us.
image of screen with social media app icons displayed

Conspiracy Theories and Emotions in the Time of Coronavirus

We need to rethink our relation to the news; the common ways we acquire and share information is tapping into some of our worst impulses.
photograph of conveyor line at meat-packing plant

Stories of Vulnerability: COVID-19 in Slaughterhouses

The current crisis has provided a new context to evaluate our relationship to meat and the machinery that produces it. Can we justify the cost of this "vital" labor?
photograph of Djokovic on stage at mic with trophy in front of packed stadium

Novak Djokovic and the Expectations of Celebrity

Do the responsibilities of celebrity extend to keeping some of their opinions to themselves? Must they play by a different set of rules than the general public?