photograph of Dr. Fauci speaking on panel with American flag in background

Expertise and the “Building Distrust” of Public Health Agencies

When it comes to public health, is one voice just as good as any other? And what might be the requirements for justified disbelief?
photograph of President Trump with face mask giving thimbs up from within SUV

Medical Privacy and the Public’s Right to Know

How can we determine when public interest should trump politician's personal rights?
photograph of empty elementary school classroom filled with books and bags

The Continued Saga of Education During COVID-19

How can we design an educational model in our current circumstances that might serve everyone's needs from children to parents to teachers?
photograph of happy smiley face on yellow sticky note surrounded by sad unhappy blue faces

Waiting for a Coronavirus Vaccine? Watch Out for Self-Deception

Optimism can sometimes infect belief-formation. And once it takes hold, it's extremely difficult to uncouple.
photograph of group of hands raised

Anti-Maskers and the Dangers of Collective Endorsement

Anonymity in the online environment renders expertise obsolete. Do facts stand a chance?
image of map of US displayed as multi-colored bar graph

Causality and the Coronavirus

The difficulty in grasping technical relations like 'causation'—aided by the spread of misinformation on social media—is leading the public to misinterpret (and misrepresent) key data.
black-and-white photograph of group of students studying outside

Against Abstinence-Based COVID-19 Policies

Colleges' policies regarding students and gatherings offers another lesson about using ideal theory in a non-ideal world.
photograph of army reserve personnel wearing neck gaiter at covid testing site

On “Doing Your Own Research”

For many, the pandemic is only further tarnishing science's name. But we need to raise the bar for what does (and does not) constitute research.
photograph of doctor holding syringe and medicine for vaccination

Who Should Get the Vaccine First?

Our basic equality needs to be respected in processes that determine who gets what.
photograph of empty ship helm

Clifford and the Coronavirus

(Mis)Management of the virus raises important questions about belief-formation and accountability.