photograph of Trump at podium with Dr. Fauci and Dr. Bix behind him.

Pseudoscience, Antiscience, and Bad Coronavirus Advice

Is there a meaningful distinction between loose science and antiscientific sentiment? Is it just a matter of intent?
photograph of American flag painted on side of brick wall with barb wire strung on top

US Exceptionalism, Foreign and Domestic

The Trump administration has redefined the role of the federal government and our understanding of who it operates on behalf of and what kinds of collective interests it pursues.
photograph of woman staring off out window

Homesickness in a Time of Global Sickness

Where can we find a home to ease our existential angst in these Absurd times?
photograph of empty prison cell

Solitary Confinement and COVID-19

Are the conditions inmate find themselves in during the pandemic consistent with the purpose incarceration is meant to serve?
photograph of scientist with mask and gloves looking through microscope

COVID-19 and the Ethics of Belief

Just as with scientific hypotheses, the social and political beliefs that survive this crisis should be those that have actually borne fruit.
photograph of small liferaft at sea

Pandemic Sacrifices: It Matters Who Dies and Why

How do we balance the loss and suffering caused by the pandemic against the hardship that awaits in the economic recession?
photograph of Surgeon General Adams at podium during coronavirus briefing

Racial Health Disparities and Social Predispositions

The ambiguity in the Surgeon General's remarks communicates a troubling message further complicated by the public position from which it was delivered.
photograph of toast and swank gathering

Moral Luck, Universalization, and COVID-19

Many who resist shelter in place orders cast their decision as a triumph of personal liberty over government overreach. But what of their duty to others?
photograph of Chechpoint Charlie memorial site today

States of Exception

Is the emergency power currently granted governments circumscribed by law or is it a 'miracle' that transcends the norm? What are the implications of our answer?
photograph of empty church pews

Freedom of Religion Is Not Absolute

By what right can government officials prohibit worshipers from the physical and public practice of their faith?