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photograph of people walking and biking in masks

Considered Position: On Voluntary Non-Vaccination – The Difference Voluntariness Makes

Does the fact that vaccination is widely available change our moral situation in respect to those who remain unvaccinated?
photograph of patients waiting in gym to be vaccinated

AstraZeneca, Blood Clots, and Media Reporting

What public health role does might the media have an obligation to play in the midst of a pandemic?
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Underrepresentation in Clinical Trials and COVID-19

Our dedication to the value of efficiency means that the historically marginalized stay marginalized.
image of anti-vaxx protestor

Why Anti-Vaxxers Are (Kind of) Like Marxists

The co-commitments of abortion-based anti-vaccine rhetoric seem to produce untenable results.
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Scarce Goods and Rationalization

We're getting awfully good at spinning selfishness as altruism.
photograph of covid vaccination ampoules

Incentivizing the Vaccine-Hesitant

Should our vaccination strategy be aimed at changing hearts and minds or merely changing behavior?
photograph of couple presenting passport

The Ethics of Vaccination Passports

The coronavirus has exposed and exacerbated all sorts of inequalities. A new policy proposal only compounds the problem.
image of asteroid in deep space

Ethical Concerns About Space Mining

The private exploitation and extraction of a shared resource threatens consequences for all.
photograph of industrial chimney stacks polluting air over natural landscape

Under Discussion: Global Warming and the Right to Risk Wrong

Contributing to a problem doesn't grant license to impose one's "solution" on others as well.
photograph of national flags from all over the world flying

Under Discussion: The Moral Necessity of International Agreements

Despite all the various criticisms, accords and treaties are an indispensable tool in fighting global warming.