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Waiting for a Coronavirus Vaccine? Watch Out for Self-Deception

Optimism can sometimes infect belief-formation. And once it takes hold, it's extremely difficult to uncouple.
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Anti-Maskers and the Dangers of Collective Endorsement

Anonymity in the online environment renders expertise obsolete. Do facts stand a chance?
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Causality and the Coronavirus

The difficulty in grasping technical relations like 'causation'—aided by the spread of misinformation on social media—is leading the public to misinterpret (and misrepresent) key data.
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Against Abstinence-Based COVID-19 Policies

Colleges' policies regarding students and gatherings offers another lesson about using ideal theory in a non-ideal world.
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On “Doing Your Own Research”

For many, the pandemic is only further tarnishing science's name. But we need to raise the bar for what does (and does not) constitute research.
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Who Should Get the Vaccine First?

Our basic equality needs to be respected in processes that determine who gets what.
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Voluntourism and the Problem with Good Intentions

The voluntourism business is booming, but under what conditions are outsiders a genuine help and not an unwelcome burden?
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Clifford and the Coronavirus

(Mis)Management of the virus raises important questions about belief-formation and accountability.
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To Wear a Mask or Not during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Even in the absence of certainty, there are still compelling reasons to bear minor costs in order to reap potentially great rewards.
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Reflections of a Teacher during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Policy decisions and institutional design have a lot to say about the value we place on education and the components we deem necessary for its delivery.