World Affairs

The Right Side of History: A Case for Basic Income

Ontario's basic income pilot had proved successful -- so why cancel it?
Photograph of mountains and trees framing a lake

Canada’s Indigenous Water Crisis

Canada's indigenous people and marginalized people across the world are at a disadvantage for receiving the clean water that arguably should be their right.
photograph of Trevor Noah speaking into a microphone

Colorblindness, the World Cup, and the Difficulty of Hyphenated Identities

When Trevor Noah called France's World Cup win an African victory, he incited a response from the French Ambassador. Ultimately, the debate leads to important questions of hyphenated identities and colorblindness.
Photograph of a long row of dark green tents

The Ethics of Deterrence: Australian Offshore Immigration Detention

The U.S. isn't the only country with controversial and dangerous immigration policies. Those of Australia have gone on for over 5 years.

Ethical Questions about Poverty Tourism

Poverty tourism is typically viewed as unethical, but despite its bad reputation it may help people avoid bystander effect.
Image of Arkady Babchenko speaking with politicians.

A Journalist Fakes His Own Death. Was His Decision Moral?

What will the consequences be of Ukrainian journalist Arkady Babchenko's choice to elude Russian-funded assassins by faking his own death?
Image of a Tokyo cityscape

The Real and the Rented

Japan's "rent-a-family" phenomenon raises complex questions about the ethics of deception, reality, and consumerism.
Photo of the Nobel prize

Opinion: President Trump, Peacemaker?

Is Donald Trump really in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize?
Photograph of President Trump and President Macron walking outside the White House, Macron speaking and gesturing with his hand

The Iran Deal: Shaky Future, Uncertain Repercussions

President Trump's looming decision on the Iran Deal keeps world leaders on edge.
Photo of a doctor giving an eye exam to a child.

The Ethics of Short-Term Medical Missions

Short-term medical missions bring necessary treatment to people who need it. They also run the risk of perpetuating colonialism.