photograph of flag ceremony at NFL football game

Jay-Z and Colin Kaepernick: Is It Business or Personal?

What responsibility, if any, does JAY-Z have with regards to Colin Kaepernick and his partnership with the NFL?
photograph of Jay-Z mural

Jay-Z and the NFL: Hypocrisy or Suite Participation?

What, if any, obligation does Jay-Z, as a high-profile advocate for social justice and a recognizable brand, have to not condone or distract from the NFL's many public relation problems?
photograph of stands at women's world cup match

Do Women’s Soccer Players Deserve Equal Pay for Equal Play?

In assessing the different sides of the debate there are a number of relevant factors at play from relative commercial value to social message and even historical injustice.
photograph of televised soccer game

La Liga, EULAs, and Privacy in Public Spaces

La Liga's recent use of its mobile app as a tool for spying offers another interesting chapter in the piracy versus privacy debate.
photograph of Israel Folau playing rugby

Separating the Freedom of Religion from the Right to Discriminate

The basic legal and moral right to the free practice, observance, and teaching of one's religious beliefs is often conflated with the privilege to hold others accountable to one's own particular religious convictions and creeds. How should we distinguish the two?
photograph of two female soccer plays celebrating during match

USA vs. Thailand and the Limits of Sportsmanship

Team USA's recent win in the Women's World Cup raised questions of sportsmanship. When does competitive play become unsportsmanlike conduct? What are the rules of sports etiquette derived from?
Photograph of a golf course showing a pond in the foreground, a distant person with a bag of clubs, and trees in the background

Power, Pollution, and Golf

Maybe golf is the most emblematic sport of the 21st century -- but that isn't necessarily a good thing.
Runner Caster Semenya running across a finish line on a track in a stadium

The Gray Area at the Intersection of Gender, Biology, and Identity...

The recent case of Caster Semenya has brought to the fore questions about fairness and inclusivity in women’s sport. Is testosterone testing defensible?
Photograph of tennis athlete Serena Williams with a crowd behind her

“This Crazy Anxious World”: Racism or Political Correctness?

The Australian cartoon depicting Serena Williams at the US Open Tennis Tournament has stirred up a world of vitriol - both for and against "political correctness."
photograph of Trevor Noah speaking into a microphone

Colorblindness, the World Cup, and the Difficulty of Hyphenated Identities

When Trevor Noah called France's World Cup win an African victory, he incited a response from the French Ambassador. Ultimately, the debate leads to important questions of hyphenated identities and colorblindness.