photograph of runner statues in Beijing's Olympic Park

How Can the 2022 Olympic Games Remain Neutral?

The International Olympic Committee asks that we celebrate sport while holding our tongues.
photograph of empty tennis court and judge's chair

Moral Luck and the Judgment of Officials

What responsibility do judges bear in assessing individual's moral culpability for outcomes that are the product of luck.
photograph of footbal next to the 50 yard line

Should College Football Be Canceled?

The pandemic is laying bare all sorts of troubling relations and concerning arrangements. And COVID-19 may be the least of college football's problems.
photograph of Djokovic on stage at mic with trophy in front of packed stadium

Novak Djokovic and the Expectations of Celebrity

Do the responsibilities of celebrity extend to keeping some of their opinions to themselves? Must they play by a different set of rules than the general public?
photograph of staggered starting blocks for track competition

The (un)Fairness of Cis-Only Sports

Trans athletes are being barred from competing with their cis counterparts under the guise of "inclusion" and protecting the integrity of sport, but what does fairness demand?
painting of lamar jackson in NFL game

Prejudice in the NFL?

The NFL has a troubling history of racial prejudice infecting everything from the huddle to the sidelines and the owner's box to the press box.
photograph of 49er flagbearers celebrating on field

“Phantom Champion” Memorabilia and Global Justice

Professional sports has its own "fast fashion" problem, and its current "solution" is hardly a cure.
photograph of flag ceremony at NFL football game

Jay-Z and Colin Kaepernick: Is It Business or Personal?

What responsibility, if any, does JAY-Z have with regards to Colin Kaepernick and his partnership with the NFL?
photograph of Jay-Z mural

Jay-Z and the NFL: Hypocrisy or Suite Participation?

What, if any, obligation does Jay-Z, as a high-profile advocate for social justice and a recognizable brand, have to not condone or distract from the NFL's many public relation problems?
photograph of stands at women's world cup match

Do Women’s Soccer Players Deserve Equal Pay for Equal Play?

In assessing the different sides of the debate there are a number of relevant factors at play from relative commercial value to social message and even historical injustice.