An abstract image of a running track.

What’s so Wrong with Doping in Sports?

With Russia's Olympic team disqualified from the 2018 games for using performance-enhancing drugs, it merits consideration why doping is so controversial in the first place.
Two hockey players fighting on the ice rink.

The Social Norms Behind Fighting in Hockey

Why fighting is allowed in hockey, but frowned upon anywhere else.
A photo of football players taking a knee during the National Anthem.

More Than Just a Game: A Follow-Up

Recent comments made by President Trump have further spurred the debate around professional athletes and social activism.
A photo of Colin Kaepernick playing in Super Bowl XLVII

More Than Just a Game? Using Sports as a Political Tool

As Colin Kaepernick's kneeling protest spreads, the NFL continues to face soul-searching over the role of activism in professional football.

Growing Pains in the Rapid Rise of eSports

As the audiences and prizes for eSports continue to grow, the sport faces key ethical and regulatory challenges in building its legitimacy.

Sacrifice in the Name of Sport

Risky careers and risky pursuits take up different places in our moral landscape. Where does this leave professional athletes?

A Controversy around the Cheerleading Industry

Cheerleading may uphold questionable views of women and gender roles. For some, it is also their life's passion.

The Super Bowl, Badminton and the Athlete’s Social Contract

Controversies in professional sports reveal the implicit social contract between athletes and their spectators.

Masculinity Across Sports

Equating masculinity with participation in certain sports creates negative discourse around gender identity and sexuality of individual athletes.

Is Sport the Opium of the People?

"how many of those people spending hours on a line waiting to get a ticket for the World Series, are willing to wait more than half an hour on a line to vote?"