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Retweets, Endorsements, and Indirect Speech Acts

How should we understand the speech act of retweeting? What are we signaling and what are we not? When, if ever, might condemnation be appropriate?
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Parler and the Problems of a “Free Speech” Social Network

Does the airing of slanted and inaccurate views really get us any closer to the truth? Is censorship really so detrimental to meaningful public debate?
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Anti-Maskers and the Dangers of Collective Endorsement

Anonymity in the online environment renders expertise obsolete. Do facts stand a chance?
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Ethical Considerations of Deepfakes

Is there any way the development of media manipulation technology might be justified despite the many possibilities and opportunities for abuse?
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Is the Future of News a Moral Question?

Do we have a democratic obligation to protect newspapers and local journalism from extinction?
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In the Limelight: Ethics for Journalists as Public Figures

Given the impact of social media on journalism, we need a new understanding of what is and is not fit for public consumption.
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QAnon and Two Johns

Recent events once again require us to explain on what grounds we might justify social restrictions to speech.
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Facebook Groups and Responsibility

Being conscious of our online behavior is the first step in combating misinformation.
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Do Hashtags Make Political Discourse Worse?

What are the drawbacks and advantages of our political discourse migrating to social media platforms?
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Is Fake News Dangerously Overblown?

How big and how real a threat must fake news represent to warrant significant intervention?