photograph of computer screen with empty Google searchbar

The Problem with “Google-Research”

We rely on the internet to get our news and stay informed, but Google searches can be slanted in ways that are hard to detect.
close-up image of cancel icon

Cancel Culture

As our social/political commentary continues to evolve on social media, we should ask what the value of cancelling someone really is.
photograph of empty classroom

Summit Learning and Experiments in Education

The use of personalized learning programs in public schools have prompted protests. Are there reasons for concern?
3D image of human brain

Death and Consciousness: The Prospect of Brain Resuscitation

New research involving brain resuscitation holds great promise and presents even greater challenges.
close-up photo of Wendy's logo

The Ethics of Brand Humanization

Corporations' push to attract a marketing-resistant demographic is producing some troubling effects.
Photograph of a Sky airplane taking off

Airplane Crashes and the Diffusion of Responsibility

How can we evaluate moral responsibility in cases like the Boeing airplane crashes?
Black and white photograph of two robots with computer displays

Racist, Sexist Robots: Prejudice in AI

While we hope our AI creations will overcome human shortcomings, they all too often replicate the prejudicial patterns they see.
Photograph of a sunflower in sunshine with blue sky behind

Sparking Joy: The Ethics of Medically-Induced Happiness

What should our outlook be on "medically induced" happiness? Is it the same as "natural" happiness?
Photograph of hands of a scientist, under a sterile hood, preparing a vaccine

Pinterest’s Block on Anti-Vaccination Content

Pinterest quietly removed anti-vaccination content from the site, making both 'anti-vax' and 'vaccine' unsearchable. Was this the right thing to do?
Mark Zuckerberg giving a speech against a blue background

Nasty, Brutish and Online: Is Facebook Revealing a Hobbesian Dystopia?

Was Thomas Hobbes right about human nature, and is Facebook proving it?