photograph of 'Q Army" sign displayed at political rally

QAnon and Two Johns

Recent events once again require us to explain on what grounds we might justify social restrictions to speech.
photograph of news camera recording press conference

In the Limelight: Ethics for Journalists as Public Figures

Given the impact of social media on journalism, we need a new understanding of what is and is not fit for public consumption.
closeup photograph of stack of old newspapers

Is the Future of News a Moral Question?

Do we have a democratic obligation to protect newspapers and local journalism from extinction?
computer image of two identical face scans

Ethical Considerations of Deepfakes

Is there any way the development of media manipulation technology might be justified despite the many possibilities and opportunities for abuse?
photograph of group of hands raised

Anti-Maskers and the Dangers of Collective Endorsement

Anonymity in the online environment renders expertise obsolete. Do facts stand a chance?
Image of many blank speech bubbles forming a cloud

Parler and the Problems of a “Free Speech” Social Network

Does the airing of slanted and inaccurate views really get us any closer to the truth? Is censorship really so detrimental to meaningful public debate?
image of retweet icon

Retweets, Endorsements, and Indirect Speech Acts

How should we understand the speech act of retweeting? What are we signaling and what are we not? When, if ever, might condemnation be appropriate?
photograph of ipad with Trump's twitter profile sitting atop various blurred newspaper front pages feating him

Regulating Companies to Free People’s Speech

Government's claim to be the last word on free speech raises a number of legal and philosophical challenges.
image of iphone indicating nearby infections

The Quandary of Contact-Tracing Tech

Different governments' contact tracing strategies raise important questions about public health and personal privacy.
image of screen with social media app icons displayed

Conspiracy Theories and Emotions in the Time of Coronavirus

We need to rethink our relation to the news; the common ways we acquire and share information is tapping into some of our worst impulses.