photograph of two army personnel using biometric scanner

Forget PINs, Forget Passwords

From bias to privacy, the move to using behavioral biometrics for digital security has a number of ethical implications.
computer image of a 3D face scan

California’s “Deep Fakes” Ban

"Deep Fake" technology poses significant threat to our democratic institutions, especially given the power of cancel culture and the ubiquity of confirmation bias.
photograph of protest in NYC with many participants streaming on iphones

American Social Media Support of the Hong Kong Protests

Issue of free speech lie at the heart of the Hong Kong protests. And exercising our right to it (especially on social media) has important consequences for Hong Kong, as does our silence.
photograph of iphone with image of an eye on screen

Data Transparency: Knowing What Google Knows about You

Should we be concerned about Google mining user data to generate consumer profiles? What does data transparency require?
photograph of Uighur gathering

Corporate Responsibility and Human Rights: DNA Data Collection in Xinjiang

A coercive data collection campaign in China raises questions about corporate complicity. What obligation, if any, do companies have when their goods are being used to cause harm or violate others' rights?
photograph of neon "Open" and "Textbooks" signs in window

Digital Textbooks in Higher Education

The transition to an ebook market for college textbooks has important consequences for internet piracy and student debt.
photograph of bubble floating

YouTube and the Filter Bubble

Algorithms curating and recommending media content can create echo chambers; they can reinforce misinformation and normalize hate-speech. How can we resist?
photograph of magnifying glass examining text

Who fact-checks the fact-checkers?

The campaign to stem the tide of misinformation online is beset by a number of formidable epistemic obstacles. How effective can fact-checking ever really be?
photograph of videogame mystery box

Are Loot Boxes “Quite Ethical”?

Recent rulings have called the loot box mechanics used in franchises like FIFA and Star Wars Battlefront "gambling for children." What's the danger?
photograph of televised soccer game

La Liga, EULAs, and Privacy in Public Spaces

La Liga's recent use of its mobile app as a tool for spying offers another interesting chapter in the piracy versus privacy debate.