A row of black supercomputer processors

Computer Simulations and the Ethics of Predicting Human Behavior

Computer simulations can be helpful in predicting human behavior, but what about when those predictions are immoral?
photograph of a keyboard and screen displaying code

The Persistent Problem of the Fair Algorithm

Algorithms may seem like the perfect remedy to human error, but even algorithms can be biased.
Photograph of Mark Zuckerberg standing with a microphone

Privacy and a Year in the Life of Facebook

Facebook has faced increased scrutiny about privacy and personal information this year. How did the company handle it?
Photograph of several dockless scooters on an area of pavement with a sunset sky in the background

Dockless Electric Scooters and the Ethics of City Design

Those zippy little scooters that are showing up in many cities pose more problems than you might expect, from environmental questions to disabilities.
Photo of a man speaking into a microphone, standing in front of a screen displaying a tumblr dashboard

On Tumblr, Adult Content is Banned – For Good?

Tumblr's ban on adult content claims to be making the blogging platform a better, safer place, yet hate speech is still readily found. Is the ban the best solution?
Photograph of two boxes by the brand 23AndMe

Getting Personal About Personal Genetic Information

Personal genetic information tests can be a fun way to learn about your heritage - but they can also betray some very private information.
Banner for the game "Red Dead Redemption 2"

The Culture of Crunch: The Video Game Industry and Overwork

While the video game industry is booming, its employees are suffering from "crunch" - the period of intense work that comes before a release. Just how bad is it?
Photograph of a person holding a smartphone with Instagram showing on the screen

How Much Should We Really Use Social Media?

Despite the benefits of social media, it might be hurting our mental health. So should we all be spending less time on Instagram?
Photograph of office building display of Google China

Is Google Obligated to Stay out of China?

Google has long held out from entering the Chinese market, but profits may change their minds.
Image similar to adblock's logo

The Moral Question of Ad-Blocking

Is using your browser's ad-blocking extension unethical? Or is the real moral problem the advertisers?