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When It Comes to Privacy, We Shouldn’t Have to “EARN-IT”

The push to hold Facebook and Pinterest accountable for illicit material circulated by private users on their sites may also undermine our internet privacy and put limits on free speech.
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Twitter Bots and Trust

The anonymity surrounding users' twitter accounts make it extremely difficult to determine the reliability of information. How should we proceed?
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Sensorvault and Ring: Private-Sector Data Collection Meets Law Enforcement

Digital profiling tools (like Google's Sensorvault) and surveillance gadgets (like Amazon's Ring) pose a significant threat to our privacy and blur the line between corporate and government interests.
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Owning a Monopoly on Knowledge Production

The epistemic impact of Google and Facebook's monopoly on information and communication poses a very real problem.
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Twitter and Disinformation

Proposed changes to Twitter raise interesting questions about community policing, the resilience of truth, and the value of the platform.
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The Insufficiency of Black Box AI

The ability to offer reasons for one's judgments is imperative in medical and legal contexts. What do we do when our AI systems can't provide them?
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Can Spiritual Needs Be Met by Robots?

Religion is beginning to harness the power of technology in order to reach new demographics. But can the goods that faith offers be bestowed by a machine?
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DNA Dating

A new dating app uses DNA comparison to give users information about potential offspring inheriting a genetic disease. What kind of message are we sending?
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Search Engines and Data Voids

The internet is awash with misinformation; internet browsers are not created equal, and search engines don't deliver identical results.
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In Search of an AI Research Code of Conduct

The potential for oversight is limited, but a policy of self-policing asks too much. How should we regulate AI research?