Are You Your Avatar?

Should video game developers mandate what kind of characters players can use?

The Ethical Navigator

While they show promise, safety-based navigational apps also create significant ethical problems.

The Imperialism of Animal Crossing

Nintendo's classic "life sim" has influenced a generation of gamers. What do its problematic themes show about the ethics of in-game decisions?

Facebook’s Online Redlining

Facebook's patent for new analytical tools encourages discriminatory lending practices.

Right to Privacy: Advertising in the Modern Age

Chances are, you've experienced it, too. You innocently type a word or phrase into Google -- "Birkenstocks", for example. It's a casual, one-time search...

Digital Decisions in the World of Automated Cars

We're constantly looking towards the future of technology and gaining excitement for every new innovation that makes our lives easier in some way. Our...

The Socioeconomic Divide of Dating Apps

Tinder will now feature "work and other information" on profiles. Will this addition lead to socioeconomic discrimination in the virtual dating world?

Judged by Algorithms

The Chinese government announced in October that they are setting up a "social credit" system, designed to determine trustworthiness. Every citizen will be put...

Apple and the iPolice

The San Beranderino Shooting was one of largest tragedies on U.S Soil since 9/11. In attempts to figure out why Farook and his wife committed the crime, Farook's iPhone was taken into police custody. Apple was not helpful and took a stand to defend user privacy. Was that okay?

Forbidden Fruit: Apple, the FBI and Institutional Ethics

Corby Burger argues that the debate surrounding Apple, the FBI and cyber security must not only take place within the courts.