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photograph of old movie projector displaying blank image on screen

The Moral Danger of Conservative Nostalgia

At what point does longing for days gone by become something more than a mere expression of personal taste?
Collage of three people from the March

In Washington, D.C., A March Against Fear

At the March For Our Lives, young people stood front and center in the fight against gun violence in America.
image of World Health Organization emblem

“Chinese Virus”? On the Ethics of Coronavirus Nicknames

The WHO has moved away from including origin in the naming convention for diseases, and they've done so for good reasons.
A bluebird perched on a barbed wire fence

Insecticidal Tendencies: Insects as Candidates for Ecological Ethics

Pesticides have done a lot of harm to our environment, but most of all to insects. Should our ethics extend beyond ourselves to members of the natural world?
photograph looking up at US Capitol Building

Accountability, Negligence, and Bad Faith

Calls for Senators Cruz and Hawley to resign are only growing louder, but of what wrong might they be guilty?
"Women's March Austin-1" by Lauren Harnett liscensed under CC BY 2.0 (via Flickr)

Telling Stories, Seeking Justice: The #MeToo Movement

With discussions of sexual assault, #Metoo was renewed to provide voices for women. But in a society where many men still shun feminism, what else does it do?
photograph of Michael Jackson wax figure

Should We Mute Michael Jackson?

What obligations do those in the entertainment industry have to the public in the wake of criminal allegations? Is censorship ever appropriate prior to legal conviction? Must public use be a political act?
photograph of lottery balls coming out of machine

Ethics and Job Apps: Why Use Lotteries

Can we really defend our reliance on personal judgment when it comes to picking the best candidate for the job?
Image of a person putting a handgun into a gun safe.

Does the Right to Self-Defense Give Us a Right to Guns?

Does a right to self-defense guarantee access to firearms?
photograph of child with mask hugging her mother

Expertise in the Time of COVID-19

Uncertainty, politicization, and the need for specialized knowledge all threaten our ability to competently weigh evidence and reasons. What can we do when we are in no position to judge?