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That’s Not Art!

In February, Dr. Wesley Cray of Grand Valley State University presented his talk "That's Not Art" as a part of the Young Philosophers Lecture Series...

The (Long) Road to Equality

As the Supreme Court’s decision is announced in the Obergefell v. Hodges case, one cannot help but reflect upon the shape the discourse has...

What We’re Reading, May 29, 2015

Check out these links suggested by members of The Prindle Post staff: Grammar snobbery and feminism (Jacquelyn) How much of California's water do you consume every week? (Linda) Nebraska...

Our Views of Women in the Military Demand Complexity

Contrary to comments by Donald Trump, historical precedent suggests an extensive relationship between women and military service.

Three’s a Crowd: Third Parties in Presidential Debates

The Commission on Presidential Debates' policies for the 2016 election have left many voters displeased.

Open Mike Eagle, Race and Getting the Joke

Couching racial differences in understanding alone does little to foster common ground. Here's how hip-hop could change that.

What We’re Reading, May 21, 2015

Need some reading material for the long weekend? Check out these links from members of The Prindle Post staff. Student activism is on the rise (again)...

Should Musician’s Intent Matter to Political Campaigns?

Are politicians wrong to appropriate music for their own purposes? Your answer probably depends on how you read literature.

Feel This

On the Brock Turner case and the moral reasoning needed to understand the perspectives involved.

Has Your Newsfeed Hurt Your Mental Health?

On the ethics of viewing violent news on the internet.