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Photograph of author Karl Ove Knausgard standing, holding a microphone, and reading from a book where the title "My Struggle" is visible

The Ethics of Telling All: What’s at Stake in Memoir Writing?

In memoir writing, where's the line between tell-all and telling too much?
Photograph of hands of a scientist, under a sterile hood, preparing a vaccine

Pinterest’s Block on Anti-Vaccination Content

Pinterest quietly removed anti-vaccination content from the site, making both 'anti-vax' and 'vaccine' unsearchable. Was this the right thing to do?
Mark Zuckerberg giving a speech against a blue background

Nasty, Brutish and Online: Is Facebook Revealing a Hobbesian Dystopia?

Was Thomas Hobbes right about human nature, and is Facebook proving it?
Photograph of a gavel next to two large books

Judd v Weinstein: Reexamining Ex Post Facto

Ex post facto laws allow us to avoid retroactive legislation. But in the era after #MeToo, maybe there are some crimes that should be punished after the fact.
Photograph of a lecturer speaking to a hall of students

Should You Rate Your Professor? The Ethics of Student Evaluations

Just how reliable are student evaluations of teachers at the end of the semester? Often, they reveal biases.
Sign that reads "if dogs tasted like pork, would you eat them? What's the difference?" bearing a PETA logo

What PETA Gets Right about Animal Metaphors (and What it Gets...

PETA's list of updated metaphors has sparked memes and ridicule. What did PETA do right - or wrong?
Photo of the Spotify logo behind a band on a stage

Spotify and the Ethics of Music Streaming

Spotify is convenient and inexpensive for listeners, but what compensation for the musicians who contribute to its catalog?
Photograph of two housing units at DePauw University

Freedom to Gather: An Ethical Examination of the DePauw Student Handbook

Students of color on DePauw's campus lack some of the ability to congregate as students in historically white fraternities just because of where they live.
Photograph of tennis athlete Serena Williams with a crowd behind her

“This Crazy Anxious World”: Racism or Political Correctness?

The Australian cartoon depicting Serena Williams at the US Open Tennis Tournament has stirred up a world of vitriol - both for and against "political correctness."
Photograph of a long line of people in a refugee camp

Facebook and the Rohingya Genocide

The genocide of the Rohingya people in Myanmar was greatly influenced by Facebook.