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In Ferguson, Divides Remain as a Community Moves Forward

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump has visited Ferguson. We interviewed the town's residents to see what they wanted both candidates to know about their city.

What Did Mexico’s Politicians Gain from Trump’s Visit?

Why did the President of Mexico decide to meet with an incendiary candidate who argues that the country is a haven for drugs and crime?

Absent Perpetrator and Action-Less Bystander in East Chicago

Lead contamination of soil has prompted the evacuation of East Chicago residents, but who is to blame: the absent, out-of-business perpetrators or those who failed to act sooner?

Seeing the Olympics

The contradictions inherent in the Olympics make it difficult to reject or embrace completely.

Reconciling Democracy and Incarceration

One in 40 adults are prohibited from voting in the United States - many due to their criminal record.

Relying Too Much on Polls Doesn’t Serve Public

A news media that wants to serve the public should focus coverage on issues and candidate qualifications.

Can Emotions Be Wrong?

We can act wrongly: we may behave in ways that are unkind, inconsiderate, or selfish. Can our emotions be wrong too? Are there things...

Trump and the Latin American Left: Strange Bedfellows

Back in July, during the Republican National Convention, some strange images circulated on the internet. Some tough-looking, blue eyed, blond cowboys, held signs with...

Modes of Morality in (De)criminalizing Sex Work

A recent ruling in India's highest court poses questions about the nature of sex work.

Snapchat Specatacles and Changing Norms of Privacy

Snapchat has expanded out of your phone and onto your face. After changing their company's name to Snap, Snapchat is now ready for the...