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The Vice of Ingratitude; or, How I’m Bad at Thanksgiving

What does it mean to be grateful rather than merely contented? What kinds of things are we thankful for as opposed to simply glad about?
photograph of woman in masking looking at reflection in the window

Can You Be a Different Person After the Pandemic?

When we talk about human growth and personality change, what do we really mean?
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Of Pajamas and Self-Care

What kind of care do you owe yourself right now? How should we weigh immediate needs against future states?
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Pandemic Life and Duties of Self-Improvement

Must we feel shame for failing to make the most of our situation and rising to the occasion?
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Why Didn’t God Make Us Happier?

Is there any moral value in our search to find contentment? Are we justified in our unending quest to be satisfied?
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Seneca, Stoicism, and Thinking Better about Fear

What lessons can Stoicism offer us for navigating these uncertain times?
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Graduation: A Moment of Upheaval

How can graduating seniors overcome their feelings of loss, regret, and lack of closure? By looking at the ways we are and are not bound by time and our sense of identity.
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Homesickness in a Time of Global Sickness

Where can we find a home to ease our existential angst in these Absurd times?
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A Stoic’s Guide to Crisis

Our current predicament requires that we reassess the way we understand ourselves, or lives, and our relation to this world.
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A Boulder Rolls Downhill

When something like a virus strikes and jars us from the pacifying monotony of our daily lives, it's easy to be confronted by the Absurd. How should we respond?